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Cover A Game

What does your ‘A’ game look like?

This is a guest post by Michael Lamothe from Mara Wealth on mindset, emotions, trading plans, and what it takes to be at your best. I met Mara several months ago and immediately knew that I wanted to get his message heard. While he has a passion for the stock market, his ability to communicate and discuss the mental and the emotional aspects of trading hit home. I am a firm believer that you cannot reach your full potential unless you can conquer both. Here's Michael posing some thoughtful questions for you to think about.

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Risk Reward Cover

Risk Reward Analysis in the Middle of a Crisis

OptionsGeek members learn how to assess the Risk Reward in the market and in every trade we take. I've attached an email I sent out to my Premium Members last Wednesday evening, February 26th. It's 4 days after the email I sent out warning everyone that the market was in a precarious situation. See that article here.

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SPY Great risk reward trades

How to Find Great Risk Reward Options Trading Ideas

This article teaches you how the Top traders in the world go from a nascent thought to options trading idea in minutes. It highlights a specific trade that gave the OptionsGeek community a huge win. I'll reveal what triggered the idea; What Puts we bought; Which strike we chose; Why we chose it; and how much money there was for the taking. Then I’m going to show you exactly how you can do it yourself!

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