WP March Results Cover

Winning Picks March Results

On March 13th, in midtown Manhattan, I stood up in front of packed, standing room only crowd to present my new Options Platform. More specifically, I was going to explain to everyone that Options Education was incomplete and misdirected. That, in fact, the Education was the roadblock in everyone's path to success. And that the Top Investors in the world use options in a way that is much different than they imagined. Actual Results Below. 

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Interesting Trade on My Radar: GILD

GILD options are exploding this morning. And not just because the stock is up. It's a double whammy with the demand for options rising dramatically as well (In professional talk, the Implied Volatilities are up almost 40%). Why?

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Interesting Trade on My Radar: $IBM

IBM continues to race higher after announcing a new CEO. Does the move have no limits? The stock is up substantially in the last week. As you can see from the chart below, upside Call buying is significant and leaning heavily to the Call side. 

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Monthly results Oct Cover

Winning Picks October Results

This month's results were a record breaker for me.

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Instagram WORK

Interesting Trade On My Radar: $WORK

RBC initiates coverage and starts Slack (WORK) with a Buy. Most of the activity is Call buying reacting to this news. 

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Steve Cohen Cover How to Get His Target Stock Price

How to Get Steve Cohen’s Target Stock Price

Most investors have realized the power of looking at daily Unusual Options Activity. 

The thinking is that large Hedge Funds, the Smart Money, have an information advantage versus the average investor. So, obviously, it would be great to see the stocks they’re trading at the moment they’re trading them. 

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September Results Cover

Winning Picks September Results

September turned out to be an incredible month. Most of the trades are now complete, leaving just one still open. This gives me the opportunity to show you the results.

We did 13 trades, had our fair share of losers, but several nice big wins that catapulted September's returns to over 40%. That's for the Month!!! 

When reading this first chart, the light grey bar is the range of the option during the life of the contract. The red and green bars are the average gain or loss by OptionsGeek members. What should be clear is that we aren't waiting around for the Options to expire worthless and we aren't catching the highs. We play for the middle. As a member you will learn exactly how to do just that.

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Buffet Reveals the Options Industry’s “Dirty Little Secret”


Before telling you what Warren Buffett said, let me be clear:

The Options Industry has failed you.

They created and distributed flawed options education that centers around the Black-Scholes formula, which generates concepts like “The Greeks” and “Implied Volatility.”

Options Education Black Scholes

These are the concepts pushed onto you by all online options “gurus.”

It’s not necessary.

Listen to Warren Buffett (Check out full statement at 0:25 in video):

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Felix Frey Interview shot

How is OptionsGeek Different?

After working on Wall Street for more than 20 years, I wanted to translate my experience into a simple, engaging, manageable, and profitable experience for the average investor. Enter OptionsGeek.

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Data and Edge

Steve Cohen’s Trading Edge

It's clear that the Top 1% have a trading advantage, or Edge. OptionsGeek gets more specific and pinpoints the 4 areas in their trading process where they gain that advantage. The most obvious advantage they have is the ability to find great trading ideas. This article focuses on one method they use to develop those ideas.

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