About OptionsGeek

Felix Frey is a Wharton graduate and an accomplished 20-year Wall Street veteran. He has pioneered a new path for options education that is making options easier for everyone to understand. Mind you, this accomplishment is no small feat. It is what the industry has spent a billion dollars and 40 years trying to do.

Felix started his career in Chicago at Swiss Bank O’Connor, one of the top Derivative Houses on Wall Street. A few years later, Felix went to work in New York City at Bank of America. It was here where Felix advised and traded against the biggest Hedge Fund managers in the world.

When clients that included Steve Cohen, Ken Griffin, Paul Singer, and Bill Ackman wanted to trade options, Felix was on the other side of the trade. He was one of the very few on the front lines trusted to protect Bank of America’s capital.

Years later, he switched sides.
In 2008, Felix joined one of the most successful hedge funds over the last 30 years, Scoggin Capital Management. For almost a decade, he worked side by side two of the most well-respected Hedge Fund Managers in the game. It was here that Felix was able to put together the pieces of a very large puzzle that clarifies how the average investor can use options just like the top hedge funds in the world.

He left Scoggin to pursue the chance to do what no one had ever done – simplify options for the average investor to give them the chance to shift the odds in their favor.

Enter OptionsGeek.
OptionsGeek is the culmination of Felix’s effort to give all investors insight into how the top Hedge Fund Managers use options and profit from them. He accomplishes this without focusing on the Greeks or Volatility, but rather moves the conversation to easier concepts like risk-reward, probabilities, and odds.

He does all this with an incredible passion and desire to help everyone learn how options can benefit their investment approach.

His high energy, combined with the innate ability to simplify the complex, takes the audience on a fast-paced educational journey that skillfully blends the right mix of theory and practice.

Felix has taught at the top investment banks, the top hedge funds, and top universities. Throughout the year you can catch him presenting at a number of Wall Street conferences.

Even if you think you know options, you haven’t seen anything like what Felix has to tell you.