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Included: Understanding The GREEKS
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A Dynamic Game

Options are just like a probability game. However, with options, the probabilities are constantly changing as the stock moves and time passes. So what does this mean for an options user? How should you monitor your options trades? What differentiates a trade one day to the next? This video helps you better understand how to make your decisions during the trade between the opening trade and the expiration date.

Advanced Options Concepts - A Dynamic Game

Choosing the Right Expiration

Choosing the right expiration is one of your highest priorities when trading options. It’s the moment between having exposure and not having exposure to the stock. Most investors ask these questions: Have you given yourself enough time for your idea to play out? Why did you choose that particular expiration? What are the risks associated with that Expiration? And finally, how do the best investors in the world choose the right expiration? This video answers all those questions and gives you the exact expiration you should buy.

Advanced Options Concepts - Choosing the Right Option Expiration

Stay Away From This Option

Throughout this educational process I’ve steered you away from certain options. While it may appear to be the right option, this particular option highlighted here is one that you should avoid. In this video, I’ll walk you through why this option is not ideal and why the Smartest Investors generally stay away from it. More importantly, you’ll better understand which options are more attractive to own and why.

Advanced Options Concepts - Stay Away From This Option

The Options Puzzle

While one of the most important concepts in options is called Put-Call Parity, most educators never talk about it. The reason is simple: it can get complicated and investors are never given a good reason to understand it. Here’s the best reason – It can save you money! I’ve come up with a unique way to learn Put-Call Parity. For the first time, this video shows you how to master this concept in pictures and adds an example to solidify it in your mind. Once you can conceptually understand Put-Call Parity, it will help you better execute your trades.

Advanced Options Concepts - The Options Puzzle

The Best Options Indicator

There are over 4 Billion options traded every year with a notional dollar amount over a Trillion dollars. I don’t need to convince you that the options market is huge. But what you may not know is that there are valuable messages coming from this market that you can take advantage of. In fact, you are doing yourself a disservice if you’re not even listening. So, whether or not you use options or plan on using options, you should understand which messages are valuable. This video highlights a message used by professionals to gauge the directional sentiment of a stock. And starts with an example that you will never forget!

Advanced Options Concepts - The Best Options Indicator

Volatility: Cheap or Expensive

The Options industry has a fascination with analyzing Implied Volatility to determine the relative value of an option. Unfortunately, it’s one of the main causes of confusion among investors. While this video explains everything you need to know about analyzing Implied Volatility, it also reveals why you shouldn’t spend a lot of time focusing on it.

Advanced Options Concepts - Volatility Cheap or Expensive

How a Stock Gets Pinned

A funny thing happens at expiration. Stocks tend to expire on a strike price. Why does this happen? How does this happen? More specifically, what Greek is responsible for creating this phenomenon? This video explores how analyzing Open Interest can help you find interesting trading opportunities near the Expiration date.

Advanced Options Concepts - How Stocks Get Pinned

Top Secret: Execute Like an Options Pro

By understanding the Put-Call Parity concept, you can understand how to execute certain options at a better price. Why is executing options efficiently very important? Besides commissions, execution costs can add up over time. Even worse, investors may not even realize the extent of these costs. For this reason, I’ve named them the “Invisible Costs.” In this video, you’ll learn where the “Invisible Costs” are the highest and what you’ll need to know in order to avoid them.

Advanced Options Concepts - Execute Like an Options Pro

BONUS: Understanding The GREEKS ($47)

Options Course - The Greeks

It has been a persistent myth that the Greeks MUST be fully understood in order to be successful with options. This is true if you're a Volatility Trader. You are not. 

You must simply understand the concepts which I'll teach you in this section.

Getting boggled down in the details isn't needed. In fact, the best way to learn the Greeks is with an example. In this course, you will be asked an odd option question that will take an understanding of all the Greeks to get the answer.

Once you join the Advanced Concepts, I'm going to give you full access to Understanding The Greeks and then you're going to be able to fully utilize all the Advanced Concepts and start trading for profit!

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