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Steve Cohen Cover How to Get His Target Stock Price

How to Get Steve Cohen’s Target Stock Price

Most investors have realized the power of looking at daily Unusual Options Activity. 

The thinking is that large Hedge Funds, the Smart Money, have an information advantage versus the average investor. So, obviously, it would be great to see the stocks they’re trading at the moment they’re trading them. 

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Buffet Reveals the Options Industry’s “Dirty Little Secret”


Before telling you what Warren Buffett said, let me be clear:

The Options Industry has failed you.

They created and distributed flawed options education that centers around the Black-Scholes formula, which generates concepts like “The Greeks” and “Implied Volatility.”

Options Education Black Scholes

These are the concepts pushed onto you by all online options “gurus.”

It’s not necessary.

Listen to Warren Buffett (Check out full statement at 0:25 in video):

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