COIN, PFE, PLTR Unusual Options Activity

August 9, 2021

Happy Monday!

If you want see what keeps me up at night look at Gold last night. Gold dropped $100 in a blink of an eye before recovering... a mini flash crash!

They say it can't happen in the equity markets. Never say never.

When it comes to the Stock Market, it takes a lot to shock me. But on May 6, 2010, I froze... literally couldn't move. It was frightening! 

I actually listen to this on occasion to remind myself what CAN happen. You should take the 3 minutes and imagine not being able to do anything with your portfolio. Everyone I coach gets asked this question...

Are you prepared for that moment?


1. +300% in Several Weeks… Now What?

2. Beating Earnings Won’t be Good Enough. It Needs THIS!

3. Is Wall Street Changing Their Mind On THIS Company?

Let’s get started...


+300% in Several Weeks… Now What?

Coinbase trade idea with bitcoin

Bitcoin is up 50% in 3 weeks! The crypto stocks like MARA, RIOT and COIN are moving up nicely.

This morning, JPM reiterated their Overweight on COIN, saying: 

“We are previewing our 2Q21 projections for Coinbase and raising estimates based on better trading in 2Q21 than anticipated. We are also raising our 3Q21 estimates reflecting the rebound in crypto-prices and trading volumes as we progress through August.”

I’ve been on this COIN for a while… and did that August 20th $250-$300 Call Spread 1x2 for $5.00. Where we bought 1 $250 Call and sold 2 $300 Calls. 

Let’s look at the chart first:

COIN Stock Chart 080921

We cleared that first level we pointed out at $250-255. The next level to watch is $300-310. Remember, there’s likely a good amount of supply near $350 from the IPO days.

COIN Unusual Options Activity 080921

Today, they were setting themselves up for earnings with the $280s and $300 Calls right on the open. That targets approximately $310-325, which would be some move.

Our August 20th 1x2 Call Spread that we paid $5.00 for is now $20.00. That's a 300% winner.. so far. It worked perfectly.

If you did it, then taking some profits here is not a bad idea. Recall, the trade can only go to $50 if you are perfect. The risk-reward at $20 is now starting to shift against us. We’re not trying to be perfect.

Watch this to catch up on the COIN Bull vs Bear case


Beating Earnings Won’t be Good Enough. It Needs THIS!

Palantir Logo

Palantir reports this week. Big Call volume activity is looking for a significant move. The August $25 Calls are better bid here indicating a move between $26 - $28.

PLTR Unusual Options Activity 080921

Here’s the chart …

PLTR Stock Chart 080921

$28 does seem possible as it’s the recent high of that 6-month range in the stock. The question for PLTR will be whether they can continue to spread out their customer base away from just the US Government (They just received a big Covid contract which pushes them even closer). If so, the market should reward PLTR. We’ll see. 


Is Wall Street Changing Its Mind On THIS Company?

Pelosi vaccines FDA

I think it’s clear where the government wants to go with the vaccine and the boosters. If they succeed, then the big winners will be the vaccine providers like PFE. 

We are long PFE Calls for two reasons: 

1. It’s a cheap stock. 

2. There’s a potential that Wall Street severely misjudged their future revenue stream from the Vaccine and derivatives of the Vaccine. 

>>> Watch me discuss the PFE idea here

To convince Wall Street they are wrong does take time, but when they wake up to the fact…

PFE Stock Chart 080921

That happens! 

Not only has the stock made a significant jump (for PFE $5 is a significant jump), it doesn’t want to give any of it back. That’s what strong stocks do!

PFE Unusual Options Activity 080921

Now, the Unusual Options Activity appears in the front two months. With talk of a speedy FDA approval by September, you could see this stock make another leg higher… soon!  Again, the Street seems to be warming up to that fact.

>>> Here’s a Covid Map that’s interesting if you are keeping track

Now go make some money!



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The Most Controversial Options Video that the Experts Don't Want You to See!

Voted Top Presenter at the Benzinga Options Conference

Options Trading Tutorial - The Greeks Don't Matter




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