Let's chat! Let us know what you're interested in and how we can help.

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Let's chat! Let us know what you're interested in and how we can help.

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Where should I start?

The best place to start is to watch the Winning Picks Podcast. In the Getting Started section, we explain what the Winning Picks Podcast is about, who it's for, why you should watch it and what you should know before watching. Once you get familiar and comfortable, your next step should be to join The Top 1% Club (free).

What can I find inside the Top 1% Club?

Inside of the Top 1% Club (free), you can find step-by-step resources to learning and understanding how the Top 1% buy Options. You have unlimited access to eBooks, webinars, courses and video material. On top of all that, you join the email list where we send you a summarized report of the Winning Picks Podcast every day, with all the stocks we discussed, clips and resources to help you find great trading ideas!

Where can I see your past trading ideas?

Great question. Since we've been getting a lot of demand into the process of finding great trading ideas, or Winning Picks, we've created a comprehensive eBook with 12 months worth of "word-for-word" ideas I have sent out to Winning Picks members. In it, you can find every idea with included explanations along with the outcomes of each trade. You can get it here (coming soon).

Do you have a database of Trading Ideas?

Yes, we do. Every single Winning Picks Podcast is available as full episodes, as well as individual stock clips. Go to our Trading Ideas (coming soon) page and search for an individual Stock Ticker or Industry you're interested in. You will then be able to go through each clip, gather our thoughts, and use our revolutionary Tools (coming soon) to find a great trading idea!

What's the fastest way for me to start finding trading ideas on my own?

If you're looking to learn how the Top 1% buy Options, and do it yourself, then 3 Steps to Profit is the perfect investment for you. Groundbreaking education combined with Felix's proprietary teaching method will ensure you quickly grasp and master both simple and complex concepts that the Top 1% use when buying Options. There's no educaiton that comes close to 3 Steps to Profit, so if you wish to find great trading ideas yourself, click here.

How can I get Felix's personal picks?

You're either a busy professional or an avid trader looking for the next big trading idea... and if that's the case, then Winning Picks is perfect for you. Felix will send you 2-4 great risk-reward traidng ideas every week that are aiming at 150-400% returns. Winning Picks track record says it all, so if you're looking to learn more about it, click here.

Can I get private coaching from Felix?

Due to very high demand and my limited time between running the Winning Picks Podcast & OptionsGeek, I only take a few coaching students after they go through an in-depth screening process. If you'd like to apply for coaching, click here.