Best Options Trading Ideas in under 10 secs

Today’s Best Options Trading Ideas in Under 10 Seconds

Your initial reaction is probably dismissive. How is that even possible? Must be click bait, right? Well, it's not. I will show you how to filter down every options trade done today into the best risk-reward options trading Ideas in the market. In less than 10 Seconds! Take a look...



On Wall Street, great risk-reward Options Trading Ideas are invaluable. But how do you find them? And, how do you know that they’re the “best ideas” in the market?

I'm about to show you a simple process you can use every day to filter the millions of options trades out there down to the best risk reward Options trading ideas being done by the top Hedge Fund Managers in the world. 

The incredible part is that you’ll be able to get this information immediately. In fact, it will take you less than 10 seconds a day to find them. 

And most importantly, it’s free!
No email, No credit card. 

Follow these simple steps and see what the best risk-reward Options Trading Ideas in the market were today.

Step 1 - The FREE Options Trading Idea Tool

I use a specific tool that is free to use and incredibly powerful. It allows you to filter down thousands of trades into a select few for you to analyze. These are the best Risk Reward Options Trading Ideas in the market every single day. I’ll explain why in a second, but first I want you to get comfortable with this tool:

Today's Best Risk Reward Options Trading Ideas

This tool is 100% free to use. No email necessary. I use this tool each day to find great risk reward Options Trading Ideas for my Winning Picks Premium Service. I’m an affiliate partner of this company and may earn a commission if you decide to purchase their premium products. 

After landing on the page...

Hover over the “Options” section on the Menu bar and click on “Unusual Options Volume.”

Menu Bar UOV

Now that you’re there, I want you to know that these are a pool of the best Risk Reward trades in the market. Easy enough, right? 

Of course, you see the problem right away: “There are too many to look at, how do I make sense of all of these trades?”

This is and has been the problem for most people. So, let me help you filter them down to something manageable.

We’re about to knock down all of these trades, sometimes by 80-90%, in seconds. 

Just follow these next few steps… 

Step 2 – Just Stocks

It’s hard for anyone to have an edge in the overall market or in a sector. The Top 1% of investors spend a lot of time gaining an advantage in Single Stocks. This means we’d like to focus on single stock options ideas. Now remember, you’ll get a full explanation and the logic behind all of this in just a moment, but I just want to show you how to get down to a few ideas every day.

Above the pool of ideas, there will be filters. One of them is labeled:   Any   -  ETF  -  Common
Press the “Common” button.

UOA Filter Common

Step 3 – Option Buyer

When looking at this board, we need to separate Option Buyers vs Sellers. Details and reasons why we want the buyers will follow, first let’s get this step done. 

Another filter is labeled:   Any   -   IV Up   -   IV Down
Press the “IV Up” Button.


Step 4 – Price Matters

Now, in general, I want you to avoid looking at options ideas on stocks below $10. In order to do this, under the blue area labeled “Stock Price,” I want you to double click on the “Current Price” to filter the data from highest stock price to lowest. Then you could simply not look at any stock below $10.

UOA Stock Price filter

There you have it. 4 Easy Steps you can do… Every. Single. Day.

It’s exactly where I dig for my Options Trading Ideas that I give in Winning Picks. But, showing you where to look is just the beginning.

Right now, I am asking you to take this last step that fills in all the details and explains the logic behind what you have just discovered. 

It starts you on the final part, which I like to think is the most fun part. 

So, if you thought Steps 1 to 4 were valuable, you’ll be excited to learn what’s in Step 5!

(If you haven't gone through the 10 second process already, then try these Steps now before going to Step 5.)

Step 5 – Analyzing the Best Options Trading Ideas

You have the best Options Trading Ideas in the market today. Now you’re ready to dig. 

I did a webinar that helped hundreds of traders better understand the logic behind Unusual Options Activity and showed them a few tricks to find a couple of great ideas.  

Webinar UOA Options

To get this Webinar, join my Free Membership and receive ebooks, articles, trading ideas, and a whole lot more. There is so much information waiting for you, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised and motivated to continue learning!

About the Author Felix Frey

As a Wall Street Veteran, Options Expert, and founder of OptionsGeek, Felix has found a way to simplify options. He's on a mission to close the knowledge gap between the Top 1% and everyone else.