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Buffett Reveals the Options Industry’s “Dirty Little Secret”

Warren Buffett Speaks Out Before telling you what Warren Buffett said, let me be clear. The Options Industry has failed you. They created and distributed flawed options education that centers around the Black-Scholes formula, which generates concepts like “The Greeks” and “Implied Volatility.” These are the concepts pushed onto you [...]

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What is OptionsGeek?

Three Parts OptionsGeek is a translation of my 20+ year career on Wall Street. It identifies, defines, and teaches the average investor how to gain an advantage (“Edge”) by using Options just like the Top 1% of investors. I divided OptionsGeek into 3 parts: New Options Education A New Options Chain Trading Ideas: [...]

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Why did I build OptionsGeek?

The "Bridge" Over the last 30 years, the Options Industry made a herculean effort to help all active investors understand the benefits of options. The goal was to make them options users. To achieve their goal, they invested billions of dollars into this metaphorical "bridge" of Education, Technology, and Trading [...]

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How is OptionsGeek Different?

The Experience After working on Wall Street at the top of the Options "food chain," I wanted to develop something special - an options platform that would engage everyone with simple concepts, easy to use tools, and real-life experiences broken down into bite-sized learning opportunities. Enter OptionsGeek. In order to [...]

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