Great Options Trading Ideas are developed with data, know-how, and some work. OptionsGeek offers you great trading ideas as a service, but I understand some of you want to learn how to do it yourself.

I hear you.

In mid-August, I gave two presentations in front of a packed house at The Money Show San Francisco. The first was “The Options Secret used by the Top 1%,” where I explained the thought process used by the Top 1% when trading Options.

In the second presentation, “How to Find Options Trades Making 150-400% Returns.” I showed the audience exactly how to find the great Options Trading Ideas I’ve been delivering to the OptionsGeek community 3-5x each week.

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The crowd was awesome for several reasons. They had good energy, they were curious, and at the end they asked a lot great questions. Here’s a picture of me helping out one audience member. He said, “I really enjoyed your presentation. I wish I found you many years ago. It finally makes sense.”

Asking me how to find a great Options Trading Idea

Those comments really keep me going.

I hope you enjoy this video. It starts with a quick intro, then goes right into the heart of making money – Great Options Trading Ideas!

Options Trading Ideas Need Data

Profitable options trading ideas requires some digging. In the video, I show you the service I subscribe to in order to get the data. It’s where I dig every day.

The service has a lot of FREE data (stock & options) to play around with, but I particularly like the Unusual Options Volume area. It’s clean, easy to read, and has filters to help you navigate a bit. I assure you that it’s a great start. Just click the link below and head to menu/options/unusual options volume.

I like this service so much that I have partnered with them as an affiliate. If you decide to get a full membership then I may receive a small commission. If you have any questions about the service call their support and ask for Dmitry. Tell him I sent you.  And if you have a direct question for me, then feel free to email me directly at [email protected]

Remember, you’re trying to catch a Shark, so you’ll need the best tools available. Good data is a great start!

What’s Next

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