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I’m glad we’ve met early on in your educational process. It’s simply easier to teach beginners. Oftentimes, it’s more difficult to teach others who have already started on the wrong path. Even if you have tried elsewhere, I want you to try to forget most of what you think you need to know.

Not sure if you’re a Beginner? Take The Options Challenge.

You see, most options “gurus” do a poor job of providing background on the options industry, the educational process, and how to make the leap to profitability. Ultimately, this leads the curious investor to get frustrated with options, or worse, it gives them a false confidence that will ultimately hurt their profitability.

I want you to start with a great foundation like I did. One that you can build on from day 1.

Now, it doesn’t matter whether you plan on selling options or buying them, you should understand how to do both. Think about it, how can you confidently sell an option without knowing why someone would want to buy that option?

This education starts its focus on how to buy options. Why did I do that?

Two reasons.

  1. First, buying options is much harder to teach than selling options. But once you learn how to buy the right way, then you’ll understand how to sell them for maximum profit.
  2. And second, the Smartest Investors in the world generally buy options.

So, if you follow these steps exactly as I’ve laid them out, then you’ll be well on your way to understanding options and more importantly, you’ll understand how the Smartest Investors gain Edge by using them.

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Let’s get started. What do you say?

Part I

I want you to know what OptionsGeek is all about, who I am, and what others are saying. It’s important that I build some trust as your educator:

Part II

Here’s where we get started with a basic understanding of the product, the problems faced by most investors, the questions they can’t answer, and how you will get the answers:

Part III

So far, you’ve heard a lot about options. Now, it’s time to dig into the details, and build a strong foundation. This is the beginning of my course, “Understand Options in 8 Steps.” It starts with 7 easy non-options concepts that are proven to accelerate your learning. Think of them as warm-up lessons for what’s to come. At the end of the 8 Steps there are questions and answers to test yourself. I encourage you to take your time with them before moving on.

7 Must Know Concepts Before Learning Options

Understand Options in 8 Steps

Part IV

It’s one thing to have a good grasp about the fundamentals of options. It’s quite another to make the leap to profitability. This section starts the journey from theory to practice.

Part V

Now that we have a clear understanding of how the OptionsGeek community is making money, we have to get into the details. This is where you to start thinking for yourself.

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  • Shark Series (Coming Soon)
  • Options Books/Podcasts (Coming Soon)

And much more…