It’s safe to say that the Top 1% trade with an advantage. But what exactly does that mean?
If we asked 100 people:

Where do the Top 1% of investors have an advantage?

Most people would give an answer describing how and where the best in the world get their ideas. And they would be right.

The Best Investors in the world have the resources, the capital, the experience, and access to whatever is needed to better analyze their ideas.

The Idea is the 1st Area where the Top 1% find Edge

They use fundamentals analysis, technical analysis, quantitative analysis, data analysis, and outside consultants to help them formulate the best possible risk reward profile of a company’s stock. This is their advantage. This is their “Edge.”

But that’s just the start of it. There are actually four areas where the top investors find their Edge.

Choosing between Stock vs Options is the second place where they find Edge.

After they find and thoroughly analyze the idea, they have to decide how they will invest in the idea. They have to decide if the idea is better suited as an options trade, or as a stock trade. Understanding if and when they should use options is Edge.

They find Edge with choosing the Right Option

Once they decide that the idea is better suited for options, then they have to make another decision. They have to choose the right Option or strategy. Knowing exactly how to do this to maximize their returns and minimize risk, gives them Edge.

Finally, the fourth area where the Best Investors in the world find Edge is in their Trading Plan.

They gain Edge with their Trading Plan.

There are many facets to a Trading Plan, some being:

  • How much capital to invest in the position
  • Entering the trade
  • Exiting the trade
  • Risk Managing the Trade

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