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Interesting Trades on My Radar: $ZM

Zoom Communications (ZM) tried to break that $60 level just a couple of months ago. Now, look at this thing breaking $100. And Call buyers are still coming in!

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Interesting Trades on my Radar: $PTON

Peloton (PTON) disappointed the crowd setting up for a big win on earnings. It seems to be a relentless group, because the Call activity is picking up again.

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Interesting Trades on my Radar: $FEYE

FireEye (FEYE) Options are active and one-sided again today. With US - Iranian tension high, many investors have turned their attention to cybersecurity stocks.

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Interesting Trade on My Radar: $NTAP

NetApp (NTAP) brings back fond memories. The Sharks buying these puts have proved themselves to me in the past... "the force" seems strong with this shark. It's a decent size trade, the question is will it work?

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Interesting Trade on My Radar: $SPCE

Virgin Galactic (SPCE) is being labeled the "Tesla of the Space Industry." The stock price is doing its best to maintain that status. Call activity has been active for quite sometime, and continues to attract more buyers even at these levels. More than 60k options traded today, with 90% in Calls. Take a look below:

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Winning Picks Results

Winning Picks offers 2-4 great risk-reward trading ideas each week. It employs a simple but effective strategy inside a framework that leverages my experience and uses a mathematical process. Winning Picks was built specifically for investors or professionals to make money using options and, maybe more importantly, to save them precious time in the process. Below are the Winning Picks Results experienced by OptionsGeek members:

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WP August Results Cover

Winning Picks August Results

August reminded us again why we do this... to make money! We caught winners on both ends, puts and calls. We caught gap moves in our favor and the rest is history. 49.8% in a month and this is how we did it...

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WP July Results Cover

Winning Picks July Results

If you thought June was tough, July tested your patience. While US-China tariff headlines and earnings dominated the newswire, one trade saved our month... in a big way.  Sometimes one trade is all you need. 

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WP June Results Cover

Winning Picks June Results

After three straight incredible months, June was great. Not because we made a lot of money (We barely scratched). June was great because we got to feel how the strategy works and how simple math helps us over time. Let me explain. 

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WP May Results Cover

Winning Picks May Results

March saw tremendous returns to start. April gave everyone a huge positive surprise.  By May, I imagined OptionsGeek members dancing in the Streets. This is how we made 46.2% returns for the month.

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