Two Ways to Profit

2 Ways to Profit With Options: Choose Wisely!

Options are the most important financial tool of our generation. Unfortunately, they are often avoided by the average investor due to a persistent belief that they are too complicated to understand.

This isn’t true. 

But even worse, not understanding the benefits of options and how they can reduce investment risk, puts the average investor at a disadvantage. For this reason, every investor, active or passive, should have a clear understanding of options.

This makes the Education so important.

Before getting into the specifics of options, every investor needs to understand these 3 questions: 

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New Options Chain Simple

How to Use the New Options Chain

While staring at an options chain getting ready to trade options, you’re reminded how everyone advises you to shift the odds in your favor. But why doesn’t anyone teach you how?

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Why did I build OptionsGeek

Why Did I Build OptionsGeek?

Over the last 30 years, the Options Industry made a herculean effort to help all active investors understand the benefits of options. The goal was to make them options users. To achieve their goal, they invested billions of dollars into this metaphorical “bridge” of Education, Technology, and Trading Tools, that investors would cross.

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