Interesting Trades on my Radar: $FEYE

FireEye (FEYE) Options are active and one-sided again today. With US - Iranian tension high, many investors have turned their attention to cybersecurity stocks.


Unusual Call Options Activity in FEYE

You can see from the data that 50,000+ FEYE options have traded on the day, a very high 97% of them on the Call side. 

IT FEYE Options data

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FEYE on the New Options Chain

If we look further, we can see that the February 21st $16 Calls seem to be a focal point. That doesn't give this buyer a lot of time to see positive results with mathematical edge. What does this mean?

IT FEYE New Options Chain

It means, given where the stock is and the price he is paying, the buyer is expecting the stock to trade higher than $16.98 by next Friday. The question is "Why?" and "Can it get there?"

IT FEYE Stock Chart

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