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Interesting Trades on My Radar: $ZM

Zoom Communications (ZM) tried to break that $60 level just a couple of months ago. Now, look at this thing breaking $100. And Call buyers are still coming in!


Unusual Call Options Activity in ZM

You can see from the data that over 30,000+ ZM options have traded on the day, mainly on the Call side. This week and next week options are showing the most activity.

IT ZM Options data

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Earnings aren't until March 4th, but this February 28th $105 Calls stood out to me. Take a look at the Risk Reward Breakeven Price (RR$) there. The buyer needs a move higher than $112.01.  While you're at it, take a look at all the RR$ prices. This should give you an indication of how the market is pricing ZM movement over the next week. It also let's you see how "expensive" they might be.

IT ZM New Options Chain

But $112.01??? By next week? Wow!!! The stock is coming from $60.
Take a look at that chart, it looks like a nice cup formation, does it level ("handle") off here or shoot higher?

IT ZM Stock chart

Let me know what you think.
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