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The Top 1% Club offers Stock and Options Investors a competitive edge in the market. 

As a member, you'll have the unique opportunity to align with a Leading Expert and master the art of deciphering emerging market signals.

I'm here to guide you with expert insights, groundbreaking education, and a suite of tools, including my patented New Options Chain, that streamlines the process, ensuring you're equipped to navigate the market with confidence.






From Top Options Expert Felix Frey

You Also Receive:

  • The Patented New Options Chain 
  • Groundbreaking Education
  • Access to Premium Tools
  • Access to The Trade Idea Forum
  • And So Much More!

Felix’s trade analysis is invaluable in understanding what to look for in a potential explosive options move. He gives you the reason it caught his eye, his technical analysis of the chart, his belief of what the big fish in the trade might be thinking and then lays out both sides of a potential options trade – why it could work and what could happen to cause it to fail. There are dozens, hundreds of potential trade ideas out there daily and it’s often not easy to winnow out the most promising of them. Felix’s software and commentary is the perfect shortcut to finding them.

Jeff M.,  OptionsGeek Member 

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Felix Frey is a Wharton graduate and an accomplished 20-year Wall Street veteran with senior positions at the Top Investment Banks and the Head Trader at a prestigious New York Hedge Fund, Scoggin Capital Management. He left Wall Street to create OptionsGeek. 

There are very few people as passionate about helping the masses become smarter with options than Felix Frey. He's looking to help anyone who is willing to learn.


OptionsGeek is a unique options educational platform tackling the biggest problem facing the industry - incomplete and misdirected education failing the millions of investors looking to buy options. 

Felix offers new information that finally teaches the average investor how to gain an advantage just like the Top 1%. In addition, he created a patented New Options Chain that opens the door for all investors to use options. It's truly an industry game changer.

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