Winning Pick$ Podcast #53: Chinese Stocks Crashing, Cathie Wood, EV Stocks, TSLA & AMD Stock

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Live Options Podcast Trade Ideas #47

What nobody is telling you about the Bond Market Crash...

Are Semiconductor stocks dead?

Here's what happened today when Chinese Stocks Crashed...

Don't forget to look at TSLA, ARKK and Cathie Wood's Hail Mary.

What are the best EV Stocks to buy now after the crash?

Catch all of this on today's Winning Pick$ Podcast.

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Live Options Podcast Trade Ideas #47

If you wish to look at individual stock clips, you can find the stocks we talked about here:

Bond Market Crash

Watch this Clip

Semiconductor Stocks

Watch this Clip

Chinese Stocks Crash

Watch this Clip

TSLA, ARKK & Cathie Wood

Watch this Clip

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