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Winning Picks Podcast Weekly Report

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Here are the results through 2020 (updated).

We built the podcast so you could leverage this groundbreaking education and achieve these results yourself.

Now, I'm going to quickly brief you on some of the best weekly highlights that you'll definitely enjoy...

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What's going on with RKT and these calls?

Is RKT Stock the Next AMC?! The Setup for a Short Squeeze is Set...

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Here's an interesting setup in Tilray:

Tilray TLRY Stock Live Options Podcast Trade Ideas

How to Collect 22% & Buy the DIP on Tilray Stock

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Here are some good plays in Oil...

Oil Stock Live Options Podcast Trade Ideas

Goldman $100 Oil, OPEC & Leveraging the Oil Stocks Right Now | OXY, XOM, MRO, HAL

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Interesting story, definitely worth taking a look at!

Tesla TSLA NIO Stock Live Options Podcast Trade Ideas

China BANNING Tesla!? Supporting NIO, LI & XPEV

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Here's a list of all the episodes:

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Live Options Podcast Trade Ideas #85

Episode #85: China Banning Tesla? NIO, OXY, BABA, JD, AMD, INTC, IBM, XOM & BB

Watch Winning Picks Podcast #85 

Episode #86: AMC Stock to $100!? TSLA, SKLZ, RBLX, PENN, LVS, DKNG, DBX & eBay

Watch Winning Picks Podcast #86

Episode #87: Is RKT the Next AMC?! GM, FSR, JD, BB, AAPL, TSLA, TLRY, NKE & CLNE

Watch Winning Picks Podcast #87

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