Is CLOV the Next AMC? Take a Look at THIS Setup!

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Happy Monday!

I've got very exciting news to share with you today.

In this email, I'm going to send you a rundown of the hottest news and stocks of the day.

That will include a quick summary with articles, along with the stock & options analysis.

I'm also attaching an incredible, must-watch Amazon video at the bottom!

As always, thank you for all the support.

Let's get right into it!


Tesla vs GM - Which One is a Better Buy?

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Elon Musk recently tweeted that the Model S Plaid+ is cancelled. This was supposed to be a top-tier Tesla model.

This article highlights that their month-to-month sales dropped 8.6% from March to April. Tesla's Global EV market share slipped to just 11% in April, from 29% in March.

Their market share in one of the biggest EV markets in the world, China, also dropped to 8% in April, from 19% in March!

On the flipside, GM seems to be doing very well. On June 4th, the California Public Utility Commission gave Cruise the state's first permit to provide rides to passengers without a driver on board.

This is huge news for GM's Cruise and their autonomous driving progress. According to the article, there's also rumors that Cruise is at Level 4 automation, while Tesla is still at Level 2.


Can FB get to THIS TARGET PRICE by next Friday?

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For the past couple of months, we've been looking at a huge Facebook call buyer that's been pushing the stock up ever since the $260 levels... all the way to $336, where it is right now!

Today, we saw even more call buying, so make sure you check it out!


Is This the Reason You Lost Money in AMC on Friday?!

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We've been warning investors to be careful when trading AMC options over the past few trading days and even mentioned how our favorite villain makes their money.

In this video, I explain the way most investors get hurt when trading Options in high volatility names, why it happens and what we can all learn from it, so make sure you check it out!


Is CLOV the Next AMC? Take a Look at THIS Setup!

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This quick 2-minute video shows you what I see in CLOV when I look at the chart and the context behind what's been going on with AMC.

Could CLOV be the next AMC? Watch the video to find out...


2 Reasons Why The RKT Setup is EXPLOSIVE!

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Here's why I think RKT is interesting RIGHT NOW and why you should pay attention to what's been going on with the stock and the newest shark on the block - WallStreetBets Capital.

They did it once, can they do it again? It's worth a look...


The Best Options Trading Course!

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IBM & Quantum Computing Trade Idea

Click to watch the full video analysis

With organizations preparing for cyber attacks by devastating quantum hacks, we've got a company that's been heavily investing resources into making quantum computing a reality in the next decade.

That company is IBM. They actually explain quantum computing very well here, and we also take a look at it in today's video... I even offer an Options trade idea that makes sense.

If you'd like to see the full analysis of IBM from last week that includes a trade idea, watch this video:


Huge Winners: Put Options in These Chinese Stocks

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We've been talking about TAL and EDU put buying for quite some time now. The stocks have made a huge move down and put buying continues.

Can you say bankruptcy???

Just today, they received a downgrade from Credit Suisse.

Take a look at this video to see how big the returns were on these Put Options... and see which new ones they're buying!


How AMZN's Super-Complex Shipping System Works

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This is a MUST-WATCH video for anyone looking to understand exactly why Amazon is one of the greatest companies ever!

It also raises a few questions that we talk about in the podcast.

Hope you enjoyed the news, let me know how you liked it!

See you tomorrow!


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