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Although we're not streaming the Winning Pick$ Podcast live today, we're still bringing you a treat!

In THIS video, we're showing you how the "Facebook Story" panned out. Make sure you check it out HERE!

I'm also attaching other great articles including:

- Ford said THIS about the Q2 earnings!
- More trouble in RIDE...
- Instagram keeps going after TikTok!
- Cathie Wood is on a shopping spree again!

As always, thank you for all the support.

Let's get right into it!

Must Watch

FB Stock Trade Ideas - INCREDIBLE RESULTS! | Target Stock Price

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We've been going after the Facebook call buyers for months!

The calls we were showing worked out perfectly... follow along and see where FB might be going next.

From the Vault #1

Payment for Order Flow: This is How You Lose Money - Part 1 (Options & Stocks)

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This video is a must watch classic for anyone looking to understand how payment for order flow works, and how you might be losing money without even realizing it!

Learn a few tricks used against you that have never been revealed before...

From the Vault #2

Trading Options: Volatility, Delta, Gamma, & Losing Big - Part 1

Click to watch the full video analysis

So, you want to learn all about the Greeks and Implied Volatility?

You think it's easy selling volatility?

Before committing hundreds of hours into learning the ins and outs of Volatility Trading...

I encourage you to watch this video and determine whether or not you actually want to trade like that, or if it's even possible.


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Bold Predictions

Ford says second-quarter earnings will ‘surpass expectations’

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Ford Motor Co. on Thursday said it now expects its adjusted earnings for the second quarter to "surpass its expectations" and be "significantly better" than a year ago...

...though net income is slated to be "substantially lower" compared to the second quarter of 2020.

Should you be paying attention?


Instagram officially brings ads to its TikTok competitor Reels

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Instagram is bringing ads to its short-form video service and TikTok copycat Reels, following a test.

The ads will be full screen and vertical, and appear in between individual posts.

They will be up to 30 seconds long and will appear on loop.

What does that mean for Facebook?


Lordstown Motors Lied About "Binding" Orders, Again, Just One Day After Its CEO And CFO Resigned

Click to read the full article

A couple of days ago we talked about the "possibilities and probabilties" of RIDE going bankrupt.

If you're following the name, then this is a good article to pay attention to...

Hope you enjoyed the news, let me know how you liked it!

See you tomorrow!


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