Are THESE Dating Stocks About to Explode??

Today was another great day packed with brand new trading ideas!

We talked about the Tesla Call Spread & added a new put spread, went over the dating stocks, the stock market, and much more!

We also launched the OptionsGeek Merchandise, you can check it out here.

With all the great stuff from today's episode, I'm including other great articles like:

- How does McDonald's really make money???
- Did THIS Hedge Fund get taken out by GME?!
- Peloton is entering THIS NEW market...
- Amazon seems to be in trouble...

As always, thank you for all the support.

Let's get right into it!

Good Setup

DDD Stock Exploding Higher! | Watch NNDM Stock - See The Setup

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Interesting news in 3D Systems seem to be pushing the stock, along with NNDM.

Is there a potential setup on the horizon? Take a look...

New Spread!

Tesla Stock Trade Idea | HUGE Upside Potential! | Minimal Risk

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After a very successful Put Spread that expired on June 18th, we showed a Call Spread that's working very well in Tesla.

Well, it's time we introduced another Put Spread, so take a look at it in this video...

Swiping Right

Are Dating Stocks About to EXPLODE?! | BMBL, MOMO & MTCH

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There has been a lot of commotion around dating stocks for the past 2 days...

Yesterday we saw call buyers in BUMBL, and today there's news coming out of Tinder with their new addition of videos.

On top of that, there's call buying in MOMO today, so take a look!


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Back to Work

Peloton sees the office as a new way to grow subscribers as people head back to their desks

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Paid time off, retirement benefits and ... a Peloton membership?

That could be your newest work perk as the fitness company rolls out a corporate program that offers free app memberships that normally cost $12.99 per month.


Hedge Fund That Bet Against GameStop Shuts Down As Backers Pull Money

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A London-based hedge fund that suffered losses betting against US retailer GameStop during the first meme stock rally in January is shutting its doors.

White Square Capital, run by former Paulson & Co trader Florian Kronawitter, told investors that it would shut its main fund and return capital this month after a review of its business model, according to people familiar with the fund and a letter to investors.


Proposed U.S. antitrust bill could force Amazon to sell logistics business

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A bill proposed by House Democrat Pramila Jayapal with bipartisan support could force Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) to sell its logistics business.

Lawmakers accuse Amazon of offering preferential treatment for sellers using its logistics network.

You Wouldn't Believe It

How McDonald's Really Makes Money

Click to read the full article

Did you think McDonald's makes money flipping burgers?

Well, you'd be wrong. They actually make their money with...

Hope you enjoyed the news, let me know how you liked it!

See you tomorrow!


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