FB Is About To EXPLODE After THIS Date!

Today, we've got a clash of two giants: Apple and Microsoft!

But not only the US Big Tech is active... we must pay attention to a few Chinese names, including BABA, PDD & JD.

Also, after following FB for a while, I have a warning for you, so make sure you watch the Facebook clip!

With all the great stuff from today's episode, I'm including other great articles like:

- The infrastructure plan and what it means...
- Is Google really going to do THIS?!
- Is Berkshire really buying out this company?
- THIS Laser Stock is hot right now!!!

As always, thank you for all the support.

Let's get right into it!

Tables Have Turned

Stocks to Buy Now: Microsoft vs Apple Stock | Technical Analysis

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Microsoft reached a $2T valuation recently, and traders have been debating which one of the $2T giants, Microsoft or Apple, is a better buy.

Let me make it simple and show you which one of those two is a stock to be looking at right now!

Be Careful Now!

FB Stock About To Explode After THIS Date!

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We've been following Facebook since early March, back when it was $250! We even made a video showing you exactly how we predicted today's levels of around $340. Watch it here.

Today, I'm here to warn you and tell you that the next FB setup is very time sensitive. Watch this video to see what I mean!

The Big Tech - China Edition

Alibaba Stock, PDD & JD Stock - Pay Attention To These Chinese Names!

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We went over the US Big Tech, particularly, MSFT, AAPL and FB.

But now it's time to see what's happening with the Chinese names...

We've seen setups in BABA, PDD & JD... so don't miss it!

Pay Attention

LAZR Call Options Active, But Don't Forget THIS Other Sensor Stock!

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Volvo just announced that Luminar's (LAZR) lidar technology is going to be a part of the standard equipment for their cars.

Call buyers were quick to jump in... take a look at what they're doing!

(also, I show you one more stock that has a lot of potential in this space)


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Now What?

Biden Delivers Remarks On Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal

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Big news!

Looks like a bipartisan group of 21 senators have successfuly convinced President Biden to support their $953B infrastructure plan!

What does that mean for the market? Take a look here...

Consider This...

Hershey gains on Berkshire Hathaway takeover speculation

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So, there's news circling around that Hershey might get bought out by Berkshire Hathaway...

It's almost a binary situation when you think about it, and the way the reporters found this information is pretty incredible!

Watch me break down the situation here:

Who Would Have Thought

Google delays Chrome phase-out of tracking cookies to late 2023

Click to read the full article

Looks like Google is delaying their plans of blocking cookie tracking until late 2023.

Remember, Google is a big stock to play, money wise.

So, in this video, I show you a trade idea you can play in Google for less money.

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Hope you enjoyed the news, let me know how you liked it!

See you tomorrow!


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