Unusual Options Activity in BA stock, AMC and SNAP

November 15, 2021

Unusual Options Activity Tiger Global 111521

One of the reasons Winning Picks Premium Members were in RBLX was because I am a big fan of Chase Coleman, the founder of Tiger Global. 

Tiger is the second largest holder of RBLX.

But what many don’t know is that Tiger Global is a venture capital powerhouse.

They do almost 1 deal every day!

That’s insane.

How do they do it?

Read this article.

Fair warning, it’s a bit long. But it’s excellent.


1. Is Boeing Back? Take a Look.

2. Instead, Consider THIS Trade in AMC

3. Investors are Trapped HERE

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Is Boeing Back? Take a look.

Unusual Options Activity BA 111521

Today, Boeing (BA) and Emirates announced an order valued at more than $704 million for two 777 Freighters. This comes only a few days after a BA top executive Stan Deal said:

“The freighter markets are on fire right now. That’s where we see real growth.”

In addition, Ihssane Mounir, senior vice president of commercial sales and marketing at Boeing, told Reuters over the weekend that it was “in pretty advanced discussions with a number of customers.”

Notice the ‘s’ in customers. Are there more announcements to come?

The stock is taking off today.

What Does the BA Stock Chart Say?

BA Chart - Options Activity 111521

BA stock has been in a downtrend for some time now, but today’s action on positive news looks significant.

First, the stock held the $205 range several times over the last few months.

Last week it recaptured the 50dma but failed at the downtrend.

You can see today that not only has it recaptured the 200dma on good volume already, BA stock broke through this downtrend.

Investors are likely underweight BA stock and need to buy some here, which could drive the stock toward $250.

Options Activity in BA Stock

Unusual Options Activity Scanner BA 111521

There has been unusual options activity in BA over the last couple of weeks. That order flow continued today in the weekly options. Buyers appeared in the $230 Calls, $232.50 and $235 Calls.

Notice the Risk-Reward Breakeven levels are pointing right to that first dotted-line on the chart. Those buyers are looking for $240 -$245 by week’s end.

Can it get there?

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Instead, Consider THIS Trade in AMC

Unusual Options Activity AMC 101421

If a stock is “not supposed” to be at a certain price, yet it holds that certain price, you have to give it some credit.

You don’t get to become the biggest and baddest Hedge Fund in history without understanding that.

Or in Jim Simon’s case, allowing the computers to figure that out. Rentech upped their stake in AMC by nearly 40% in the 3rd quarter.

The WallStreetBets crowd said they wouldn’t sell; and so far, that seems true. Just take a look at that chart.

What Does the AMC Stock Chart Say?

AMC Chart - Options Activity 111521

For 6 months, AMC stock has been digesting that monster move from $10 to $72.50.
There’s a clear flag formation, although maybe some differences on the upper bound.

But for a stock that "shouldn't be trading there," it has held the lower trend line well.

Either way, everyone is expecting a big move on a break from the flag.

A break higher could see the stock push back toward $65.00 - $72.50.

A move below $35 would indicate some problems for the stock and could see the low-$20s. This would likely mean that the WallStreetBets crowd gave up… a bigger "IF" with each passing day.

Options Activity in AMC Stock

Unusual Options Activity Scanner AMC 111521

While AMC option volumes have died down recently, there is still plenty of contracts that trade in the weekly options. Today, over a 180,000 are on the tape, mainly in Call options.

Owning weekly options has been brutal for AMC traders over the last few months. I have advised anyone who would listen to consider a different strategy in these flags.

For AMC, the stock is either going to break up or break down, with a smaller chance that it continues to meddle along after the Flag formation comes to a point.

In the meantime, instead of trying to time the break, the Call Spreads are offering greater “value” vs the outright weekly Calls.

Look at the AMC December 17th $50 - $100 Call Spread for $2.50. I like that better than paying $2.00 every week trying to catch lightning in a bottle. Just a thought.

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Investors are Trapped HERE

Unusual Options Activity SNAP 092221

SNAP signed a deal with Sony today on augmented reality product that should get a lot of usage.

“Snapchat will feature ‘Sound Lenses’ with a pre-selected song embedded into the lens, a lens that transforms pictures of anyone to appear as if they are singing a song.”

Anything that attracts new users and drives engagement should be well received.

And by the looks of the chart, it needs it!

What Does the SNAP Stock Chart Say?

SNAP Chart - Options Activity 111521

SNAP stock took an ugly fall with their earnings announcement right through the 50 and 200dma on a $15 gap lower.

This left many investors trapped higher in the $70.00 to $82.50 range.

Bears will try to force the stock toward that $47.50 level and lean on the $65 range near the 200dma. $65 is also where the 50dma is about to cross the 200dma.

The SNAP bulls need more good news and likely a couple of quarters to regain momentum… OR someone to bid for them.

Options Activity in SNAP Stock

Unusual Options Activity Scanner SNAP 111521

After a quiet week in the stock, there’s unusual options activity in SNAP popping up again. While it’s heavy in the front-week, the unusual options activity scanner is showing 4 to 1 Calls to Puts.

Implied Volatility is higher indicating buyers here as the stock is also bid up almost 4%.

From the Risk-Reward Breakeven Prices, the momentum buyers are looking for a push toward $61 - $63.

Further out, the Risk-Reward Breakeven Prices in the December and January calls being bought are indicating $70. That would get us right back to those “trapped” investors waiting/hoping to get out at even.

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