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How To Know Which Program Is For You?

I built OptionsGeek to show you how the Top 1% trade options and reach
150-400% returns on their ideas.

3 Steps to Profit gives you a strong foundation to build off and a clear advantage to profit from. It teaches you how to find the best Options Trading Ideas on the market.

Winning Picks is a simple service that gives you a guide to understand the game and then gives you the Trading Ideas to play it. It’s that easy.

You also get 3 Steps to Profit with the Winning Picks Annual membership.


#1 Learn How to Find These Winning Trades...

AMTD Winning Pick OptionsGeek
WP PGR stock chart
WP GRUB winning chart

...Producing These Types of Results:

$10,000 in March Turned Into $53,950!* 

WP Mar to Nov Results

* Note: These are not the actual results of any single member. They also do not assume compounded returns. This illustration takes simple returns on a $10,000 monthly investment in each month's trading ideas. At any time there may be more or less than $10,000 at risk, depending on how many trades have reached their exit points. More information is provided  on OptionsGeek.com/winning-picks and further proprietary details of the plan as part of the program

#2 Or Let Me Do It For You!

100 satisfaction

I am so confident in my ability to help you achieve your long term goals that I am willing to make you an incredible Guarantee. For Annual Members Only, I guarantee delivering you 50 trades that reach triple-digit positive returns (greater or equal to 100%) from my published price limit over the course of your 1 year membership. That averages to almost 1 per week. If I don't reach that limit then you can simply email me and I will give you the next year for free. It's that simple!


"Love your educational program. It’s hands down second to none the best options course out there. I truly believe this is the only options course you need to take and would highly recommend to all my family and friends."
- Steve H.


Since joining I have only great things to say. First of all, you followed through on all the information you talked about. The education is second to none. The trade ideas have been great. I made over a 100% profit on the SNAP trade. I’m up on several others too!!! I really appreciate the quick response when I have questions. Keep sending those great trade ideas!
- Dwight R.


"And that’s not the only trade that has exploded to the upside. Sure he has the some losers, but as far as I’m concerned, he is either magic, psychic, or insider trading… (Ha ha, not really….) But he does seem to pick up on subtle clues from the far and wide corners of the market— unusual activity, strange chart patterns, trends that other people haven’t spotted yet."
- Kathy C.


Thanks to your trade ideas and free trial I have increased my initial capital by 32%.
- Luigi X.

How much money do I need to start?

The knowledge you receive at $397 lasts a lifetime. I have a core belief that quality Education is invaluable. Invest in yourself now so when you have "enough" you know what to do. People find ways to trade options with $100 and $100,000.

How many hours of videos and content are there to absorb?

There are over 50 videos, live seminars, Q&A. You will learn a lot in in a short period of time. You can save the rest for continuing education with time.

Does the strategy use spreads like Iron Condors or Calendars?

No. The Top 1% of investors keep it simple. They Buy Puts or they Buy Calls most of the time. This doesn't mean you can't use spreads. I am simply telling you how they use options and they generally avoid spreads.

Will I see results immediately?

Options are a probability game. Not every trade is a winner. The volatility of results is generally higher over 3 trades than 20 trades. Plan for the longer term to see the process work. Look at the detailed monthly results to see trade by trade results.

I like to sell Options. Is this product worth it for me to buy?

It's world-class education at an affordable price. Just by that measure, I will say that's worth it. But if you are in the business of selling options, then wouldn't you want to understand who is buying them and why they are buying them? The New Options Chain will also show you other options that may be mathematically better to sell. The strategy, however, is for buying options.

I am a beginner. After finishing the 3 STEPS TO PROFIT will I be able to trade?

Yes, absolutely. However, like anything else I will recommend that you use a virtual account to get a feel for pressing the buttons and the strategy.

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