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Before getting into the details of The Greeks and defining each one, this quick intro will offer you a scenario and ask you to analyze the situation. The only way to know the answer is by understanding all 5 of The Greeks – Delta, Gamma, Theta, Vega, and Rho.

Options Course - The Greeks: Introduction


Delta is the most well-known Greek and has to do with the directional risk of the stock. In this video you’ll see the two different interpretations used by investors and how they help investors better understand the affect how moves in the stock affect the option’s price.

Options Course - The Greeks: The Delta


Gamma has always been the toughest concept for investors to grasp. I don’t think it has to be that difficult. This video tells you what you need to know about Gamma without getting into too many specifics. Ultimately, you’ll realize that Gamma can be summed up with two words – Leverage and Movement.

Options Course - The Greeks: Gamma


Theta is a term that has gotten a bad rap, mainly because it’s a cost associated to options. How much is that cost? Where is that cost located in the option? And which options have more Theta? This video helps you better understand this Greek and leaves you with another important question to be answered later – How do you minimize it?

Options Course - The Greeks: Theta


Any talk of Vega includes Implied Volatility. Implied Volatility has been the centerpiece of Options Education for many years. This video explains in detail: what Implied Volatility is; how it’s related to the options premiums; what causes it to move; which options are more sensitive to Implied Volatility changes; and why it may not be as important as it’s made out to be. With clear examples, you’ll get a complete understanding of how perception affects the Implied Volatility of an option and how that affects the options price.

Options Course - The Greeks: Vega


Rho happens to be the least used Greek. However, it can have a large effect on certain types of options. This video reveals: a quick way to remember Rho; how it relates to the Forward Price of a Stock; and what affect it can have on the options premium.

Options Course - The Greeks: Rho


By starting this course with an example, we provided context for the Greeks. In this section, we explore exactly how to tackle the question we were asked in the Intro. This video helps you put the concepts you’ve learned into a simple solution that seemed almost impossible from the start. It also gives you a glimpse into why the Greeks may not play as large a role in successful options trading as previously thought.

Options Course - The Greeks: Review

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