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I'm here to translate my Wall Street experience and finally give you a chance to shift the odds in your favor. With To Catch A Shark... you'll understand how the Top 1% of "shark" investors invest their money to gain profits of 150-400%. - Felix Frey

How To Invest Alongside "Shark" Investors!

Use a simple strategy known ONLY to "Shark" Investors to extract valuable information in the market and make a lot of money!

Learn how to find these Shark trades, filter them down to a handful, and then analyze the remainder trades!

Shift the odds in your favor & gain the right path to profitability!




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How to Find Great Options Trading Ideas


Inside the Mind of a Hedge Fund Manager

This video draws from my experience sitting beside two of the most successful Hedge Fund Managers over the last three decades. More specifically, it sheds light on how they do it. How they manage the three pillars of trading every trader must control – the Plan, the Process, and the Emotions. What are they doing that you aren’t? How do they approach trading their own money? And besides 100's of millions, if not billions of dollars in personal wealth,what really separates YOU from them?

Inside the Mind of a Hedge Fund Manager

How Steve Cohen Makes Billion$

Steve Cohen is one of the richest men in the world and arguably Wall Street’s best trader. But being the best at anything always attracts the skeptics. In his case, that included the U.S. Government. At the height of the insider trading scandals from 2009-2013, it was commonly believed that he was the SEC’s prime target. Did he cheat? I don’t know. But in this video, I offer another perspective: Steve Cohen makes billions of dollars by losing – A LOT!

How Steve Cohen Makes Billion$

How to Trade Like Steve Cohen

You’ll never have the resources Steve Cohen uses to manage his own money. He spends tens of millions of dollars hiring the best analysts, traders, portfolio managers, and consultants. He spends a small fortune in brokerage commissions that creates a stream of Wall Street’s best ideas. That’s tough to match! However, this video highlights the most important part of his process and then explains how you can set yourself up to trade like Steve Cohen.

How to Trade Like Steve Cohen

To Catch a Shark: An Options Plan

Every trader needs a plan. And every plan is unique to that individual’s personality and goals. A plan doesn’t just help you get started, it gets you results. You can then analyze these results, spot weaknesses in your plan, and then adjust accordingly. This video shows you how to think about and construct your own options plan.

To Catch a Shark - An Options Plan

How To Catch a Shark - Process

To find answers you need data and a process to analyze that data. This step outlines the various calculations needed to get answers. Going through each calculation helps you realize what the standard options chain is missing. But after the calculations, you’ll still need to balance two factors that are unique to you. Step 6 introduces these two factors and describes how you should think about them.

How to Catch a Shark

The Ultimate Guide to Unusual Options Activity

Unusual Options Activity can produce some very BIG WINNING TRADES! Unfortunately, most investors quickly realize that it is not as easy as it may seem. It does take work to narrow down what you're looking for. The most common problem stems from the pool of data, the lack of experience, and the sheer number of trades to filter through. As an expert “hunter” of Unusual Options Activity, I have heard every possible question from hundreds of investors. These top questions inspired The Ultimate Guide to Unusual Options Activity.

The Ultimate Guide to Unusual Options Activity

Get a Target Stock Price with Unusual Options Activity

If you want to trade options like the Top 1%, then you’ll need a Target Stock Price prior to doing the trade. Unfortunately, most investors struggle to understand how to find one. This lesson shows you a new and easy way to use Unusual Options Activity to find a Target Stock Price. And not just any Target Stock Price... this Target Stock Price comes directly from the Shark!

Target Stock Price & Unusual Options Activity

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