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I'm a Beginner if I:

Never traded an option and I am  just starting to learn.

Understand Calls & Puts, but I still have further questions. 

Don't understand or know how to use the Greeks & Implied Volatility.

I'm an Intermediate if I:

Already trade options and understand how to Value them.

Understand the Greeks and know how to use them.

Understand Implied Volatility and how it works.


Many investors think they understand options. But when I ask them a few basic options questions, they realize how little they actually know. I always comfort them with this fact... Options Education is incomplete and misdirected. In other words, they shouldn't know the answers because they were never given to them.

Felix Frey  |  Creator of OptionsGeek   

The Options Challenge

The Options Challenge

So, you think you know Options? Most people think they're not Beginners. This is a 15-minute quiz that puts your options knowledge to the test. I must warn you that 96.7% of people who try ... fail.