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Steve Cohen’s Portfolio: Notice Anything?

Steve Cohen Portfolio

Who is Steve Cohen?

The Top 1% use options in a very specific way. And they have been doing it for 40 years.

It’s their secret. It’s their advantage.

In my education, I talk a lot about Steve Cohen, former manager of SAC Capital, who today runs Point 72 Asset Management.

who is Steve Cohen

He is one of the best investors of our time and a master of risk-reward. Steve Cohen is also one of the largest options traders on Wall Street, who uses them as a tool to manage the risk-reward in his portfolio.

Steve Cohen's Portfolio

I want to show you Steve Cohen's top 48 stock positions from his portfolio as of March 31st.

Steve Cohen portfolio 2
Steve Cohen portfolio 3
Steve Cohen Portfolio 4

The "Amount" column is the amount of shares or options he has on.

"Change" is the change of shares or options from his previous filing. 

"Position Size" is his total position size in notional dollar value.

Steve Cohen’s holdings are ranked by Position Size from highest to the lowest. The Walt Disney Co, DIS stock, is his largest position at $1.1 Billion dollars. Being his largest position, you could assume he is most confident with this trade.

Now, If you see a light green or red background it means that he has chosen to use options on that particular stock position.  

You can see several in his portfolio.  

Now, go back and scan down. Let’s see if you notice anything.

Yes? No?
Let me show you what I notice. 

Of his Top 10 Positions, 8 have options positions. Below that we see very few. In fact, of the next 38 positions, only 3 use options.

Stock vs. Options

The first takeaway should be clear: Some positions use options and some don’t. So, it’s important to understand that every Stock idea is not an Options idea.

Steve Cohen stock vs Options

The question you should ask is:

When does Steve Cohen use options?

Or why does Steve Cohen have most of his options plays in his Top 10 Positions?

Steve Cohen predominantly uses options with his best stock ideas, which translates to the stock ideas where he is most confident. He uses options with these ideas because he wants to leverage his returns in those ideas.

Options are a tool that offer him that leverage.

But high confidence in the stock idea is not the only requirement. If that was the case, then he would have bought options in all of (and only) his Top 10 positions.

He didn’t.

Steve Cohen uses options when it shifts the risk reward in his favor. Now the next question is: How?

How does Steve Cohen know when the options shift the balance of risk reward in his favor? 

Steve Cohen Risk Reward Analysis

That’s what I teach at OptionsGeek with my online options trading course.

Groundbreaking Education

At OptionsGeek, you’ll learn how to shift the balance of risk reward in your favor by answering the two questions that the available options education fails to answer: 

  1. When do I use Options?  
  2. Which Option do I choose?

You see, I’ve changed the conversation from the traditional concepts offered by the Options Industry (the Greeks and Implied volatility) to easier concepts like probabilities, confidence, and risk reward.

Once you understand these concepts and how they relate to options, I’ve created a New Options Chain that does all the calculations, takes away all the necessary analysis, and then gives you the answers you need to shift the risk reward in your favor.

The New Options Chain on Desktop

Essentially, it helps you think about options just like Steve Cohen. 

So, you have a good stock idea that you want to invest in?

Before trading the stock, let the New Options Chain tell you whether or not that idea is an Options Idea. 

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