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Welcome to OptionsGeek's Free Options Trading Course. As an Intermediate who has a good grasp of options, you're about to learn what it means to trade options like the top 1%, so that you could follow in their footsteps.

Drawing from my experiences dealing with the Top 1% like George Soros, Steve Cohen, Bill Ackman and Warren Buffett, you'll learn how to find consistent 150 to 400%+ returns like these:

WP GRUB winning chart
WP AIMT Stock Chart

But in order to reach these goals, there needs to be a process. The Top 1% Club is just the beginning of that process. 

Let's start with how you got here and then move on to other things I'd like you to do...

#1   "I am an Intermediate"

If there's one thing that I've noticed over the last 20 years...

Most investors think they know much more about options than they actually do. 

This means that even if you think you know options, take a stab at The Options Challenge. You might find it a little harder than it first seems. Click the image below to get started.

Options Challenge lander pic

You can get the full answer after completing the Challenge and grade yourself. 

Then either dig a little in the Beginner section to catch up and see what I've outlined as the most serious issues facing investors, or continue with the Intermediate lessons.

I'm really excited for you to watch "How the Top 1% Trade Options & Why the Greeks Don't Matter!" It will give you new information to chew on.

#2 Winning Picks Options Trading Newsletter

If you haven't signed up for the Winning Picks Options Trading Newsletter, then I want you to do that right now. From Monday to Thursday, you'll get the day's Top 3 Trade Ideas along with unique market commentary, technical analysis, and options analysis from me personally.

Sign up here:

Options Trading Newsletter - Find the Best Stock Options To Buy

Get 3 Trade Ideas in Minutes!

Every. Single. Day.

It would be awesome to have you onboard.

8,800+ investors can't be wrong.

Each of the trades I show you come from Unusual Options Activity going on in the market. I want to say upfront that Unusual Options Activity can be very powerful if you understand how to evaluate it.

You'll hear more about Unusual Options Activity in the lessons that follow.

#3 The New Options Chain & Other Tools

I want you to check out the Options Tools I built that make it easier to find and analyze great trade ideas. You can find them HERE.

Start with the New Options Chain.  It's a game-changer!

The New Options Chain is a patented tool that was built to think like the Top 1%. It takes away all the options analysis and helps you choose the right option that shifts the odds in your favor. The New Options Chain goes from trade idea to options idea in seconds... and only if the options offer you an advantage vs. stock.

You can learn more about the OptionsGeek Tools by watching this quick video:

#4 Trade Ideas

Lastly, I'd like you to check out the Winning Picks Premium results and the best Options Trading Course, 3 Steps to Profit, that helps deliver those types of results. Those two pages tell a story of a good foundation, a great process, and a solid plan.

Thanks again for giving Optionsgeek's Free Options Trading Course a try.

I appreciate your trust and I don’t take it for granted.

Now, it’s my job to show you value.

Let's start by talking about the 2 options questions that 99% of investors can't answer. I'll see you in the next lesson.


Felix Frey
Founder and Creator of OptionsGeek.com

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