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Options Trade Ideas 

Options Trade Ideas are different than Stock Trade Ideas because you must contend with the timing of the trade, the strike price, and the embedded leverage in the option. On the Options Trading Podcast, Felix Frey finds today's hot Trade Ideas using Unusual Options Activity and then shows you how to analyze them to extract valuable information. Enter a Stock ticker above to search the OptionsGeek database of Trade Ideas or click any one of the links below:

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What You Need to Know 

A basic understanding of call options and put options is helpful to follow along. If you are a beginner, then start with this quick Free Lesson from Felix's groundbreaking education 3 Steps to Profit (Learn More). You can then head to The Top 1% Club and get your Free ebook Options For Stock Traders that goes through more options basics. After that, you can continue learning from the daily Podcast as Felix walks you through today's best risk-reward trade ideas in the market.

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