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Trade Smarter. Stop Relying on Everyone Else. 

The Ultimate Guide to Unusual Options Activity

 Included with 

The #1 Options Trading Course!

Learn How to Buy Options & Find Trade Ideas Making Consistent Triple-Digit Returns.

OptionsGeek Learn How to Trade Options Logo2

Trade Smarter & Stop Relying on Everyone Else. 

The Ultimate Guide to 
Unusual Options Activity

 Included with 

The #1 Options Trading Course!

Learn How to Buy Options & Find Trade Ideas Making Consistent Triple-Digit Returns.

A Groundbreaking Course That Gives You an Advantage

3 Steps to Profit

  • Top Options Expert Felix Frey introduces new concepts to teach you how the Top 1% gain an advantage when buying options.
  • You'll get answers to the toughest questions that you can't find anywhere else! And use a unique tool that will guide you.
  • You'll also be given a step-by-step process using Unusual Options Activity to find actionable Trade Ideas making consistent triple-digit returns!

Special Offer!  Enroll Now to get 1-Month of Premium Trade Ideas & an 83% Discount off Coaching!


- Mark Longo, Host of "The Options Insider"

20 Years in the Making. There is Nothing Like This.

Here are the benefits you’ll receive when you Sign Up

Everyone wants to run before they walk, especially when they're excited to make money. 

At the very beginning, 3 Steps to Profit slows things down to establish a strong foundation. This foundation makes the next layering of concepts easier to understand, which increases your overall retention and speeds up the learning process. 

More importantly, I've added game-changing tools, including a patented New Options Chain, and continuous education to make your Lifetime Membership practical and profitable.

How to Buy Options with an Advantage

The Top Hedge Fund Managers buy options in a very unique way. This course teaches you their process to give you an advantage. Specifically, it teaches you how to choose the right option!

Learn Faster in a Shorter Amount of Time

No more wasting time. My proprietary teaching style gives you maximum retention in the shortest amount of time. You can complete the course over a weekend.

Learn to Think for Yourself

Stop following everyone else. Gain confidence with the right answers and learn to think for yourself. Find your own Unusual Options Activity trade ideas. That's invaluable!

Trade Ideas with Incredible Results

You get 1 month of Premium Trade Ideas to get you started for FREE.  These ideas come with a complete risk-reward analysis for you to learn from. Just check out the results below!

The Ultimate Guide to Unusual Options Activity

Teaches You How to Produce Returns Like These 

OG Results Table 2019
OG Results Table 2020
WP Monthly Results Table Jan21 thru Dec21 new

Note: Individual Results may vary. These are not actual results by any one member. It is an illustration of equal investments in each trade idea offered. Results are not compounded returns. Trades are consistently rolling off, whether winners or losers, and then placed in new trades. Stop-losses of 50% and staggered positive exits are put in place by each individual at his own discretion. The Program offers several different possible strategies and teaches you how to determine which levels best suit you. Ultimately, that decision is left to the Member. All past trades are documented and presented to all Members in the Members Area. Almost all trades are presented to Members prior to the market open to give each Member equal chance to execute from the same starting point. Results vary according to the members own plan relating to their entry and exit strategy. Past results are not indicative of future performance.

Check out the details of the individual trades...

Each bar in these Monthly charts represents 1 trade. The chart shows the range of the option (grey) along with estimated profits (green) and losses (red) on each trade. The estimated "Performance" returns assume an equal investment on every trade.

March 2019

Winning Picks Results March bar diagram
Best Options Trading Signals Winning Picks Weekly Results on March 29 118 thru 128

April 2019

Wp April roi bar chart
April Options Data

May 2019

WP May Bar Results 2
May Options Data

June 2019

Wp june roi bar chart results
Best Options Trading Signals Winning Picks Weekly Results on June 28 154 thru 164

July 2019

Wp july roi bar chart results
Best Options Trading Signals Winning Picks Weekly Results on July 31 165 thru 178

August 2019

Wp August roi bar chart results
WP August Options Data

September 2019

Wp September roi bar chart results
Best Options Trading Signals Winning Picks Weekly Results on September 30 194 thru 206

October 2019

Wp October roi bar chart results
Best Options Trading Signals Winning Picks Weekly Results on October 30 207 thru 219

November 2019

WP November Bar Results 2
Best Options Trading Signals Winning Picks Weekly Results on November 27 220 thru 230

December 2019

WP December Bar Results
Best Options Trading Signals Winning Picks Weekly Results on December 30 231 thru 242

January 2020

WP January Bar Results
Best Options Trading Signals Winning Picks Weekly Results on January 31 243 thru 254

February 2020

WP February Bar Results
Best Options Trading Signals Winning Picks Weekly Results on February 28 255 thru 265

March 2020

Best Options Trading Signals Winning Picks Weekly Results on March 30 266 thru 273

April 2020

Wp April 2020 roi bar chart results
Best Options Trading Signals Winning Picks Weekly Results on April 30 274 thru 284

May 2020

Wp May 2020 roi bar chart results
Best Options Trading Signals Winning Picks Weekly Results on May 4 285 thru 294

June 2020

Wp June 2020 roi bar chart results
Best Options Trading Signals Winning Picks Weekly Results on June 30 295 thru 308

July 2020

Wp July 2020 roi bar chart results
Best Options Trading Signals Winning Picks Weekly Results on July 30 309 thru 319

August 2020

OG Results Aug 2020

September 2020

OG Results Sep 2020

October 2020

OG Results Oct 2020

November 2020

OG Results Nov 2020

December 2020

OG Results Dec 2020

January 2021

WP Monthly Returns January 2021

February 2021

WP Monthly Returns February 2021

March 2021

WP Monthly Returns March 2021

April 2021

WP Monthly Returns April  2021

May 2021

WP Monthly Returns May  2021

June 2021

WP Monthly Returns June 2021

July 2021

WP Monthly Returns July 2021

August 2021

WP Monthly Returns August 2021

September 2021

WP Monthly Returns September 2021

October 2021

OG Results Oct 2021 How to buy options

November 2021

OG Results Nov 2021 How to buy options

December 2021

OG Results Dec 2021 How to buy options

What members say about the course

I am up 250% in Just Over a Month

I am up 250% in just over a month trading options with Felix. Period. I’ve never traded a single option in my life before registering with OptionsGeek. 

Karim D.


It's Dynamic and Very Exciting!

A simple yet incisive system of profitable trading by leveraging the power of options and managing risk and reward. It’s dynamic and very exciting!

Kenneth P.

OptionsGeek Member

One of the Best Value Investments

Let me first say that your service is one of the best value investments I have ever made. It's not just the recommendations, it's the personal touch, service and education.

Steven A.

OptionsGeek Member

Inside the Groundbreaking Course

Best Options Trading Course 3 Steps to Profit OptionsGeek

Module 1: Stop Guessing! Buy Options Like the Top 1%

The main goal of this module is to create a strong foundation to build upon. It starts off with easy warm-up lessons and then jumps into "Understand Options in 8 Steps." This includes Questions & Answers to test your progress after each lesson. You'll learn the building blocks needed to answer the main question every investor has - "Which Option do I Buy?" Incredibly, there's no answer available on the market. OptionsGeek was built to give you that answer, which is exactly how the Top 1% buy options to gain an advantage. If you are guessing at the right strike price, then you'll lose over time. It's mathematically guaranteed! 


Module 2: Advanced Concepts that Make You Money

The goal of this module is to introduce concepts that help you understand "value," which allows you to identify situations that offer a better chance of profiting. In addition, you'll learn trading techniques that prevent you from making mistakes. While several lessons teach you how to make money, some of the most valuable lessons save you money. The lessons in this module are practical and come in handy when trading the Unusual Options Activity strategy.


Module 3: Unusual Options Activity

This module ties everything together and introduces the Unusual Options Activity strategy that has produced incredible returns. It provides new information that far exceeds anything available in the market. Most importantly, it teaches you how to think like a Top Hedge Fund Manager so you can find the right trades to follow. This module teaches you exactly what you're looking for; how you can filter down the trades; how to extract the most information from each trade, including the Target Stock Price; and how to read the market with the information given to you. Learn how to do this from a Top Options Expert with 20 years of experience dealing directly with the Hedge Fund Managers you are trying to follow:

About Your Teacher

Felix Frey

Felix Frey is a Wharton graduate and an accomplished 20-year Wall Street veteran with senior positions at the Top Investment Banks and the Head Trader at a prestigious New York Hedge Fund, Scoggin Capital Management. He left Wall Street to create OptionsGeek.

OptionsGeek is a unique options platform that solves a massive problem facing the industry - incomplete and misdirected education failing the millions of investors looking to buy options.

Felix offers new information that finally teaches the average investor how to gain an advantage just like the Top 1%. In addition, he created a patented New Options Chain that opens the door for all investors to use options. It's truly an industry game changer.

There are very few people as passionate about helping the masses become smarter with options than Felix Frey. He's looking to help anyone who is willing to learn.

Here’s what people are saying about Felix

But $5,000 for an Options Course?

If it saves you $50,000, why not?

Buying options is an intellectual skill game for money. 

That means, you want to play with every possible advantage that you can get your hands on. 

Over time you win with what's between your ears and not how fast you can press the buttons.

Sure, you can win on a few trades. But I assure you, press the buttons enough times guessing at what you're doing and you will lose your money... all of it!

Education can get expensive.  But not as expensive as losing all of your money. Remember that.

I know, everyone balks at options education because "It's free on YouTube!"

Let me break it to you, "Free" has never been more expensive.

Yes, you'll learn how to play the game. But, that's not enough.

You have to learn how to play the game with an advantage. 

Options  Education on Youtube will cost you a lot of time and ultimately a lot of money.

So, if you want to learn options, then do yourself a favor and pay for great options education.

Frankly, that goes with most things in life.

Doctors, lawyers, accountants, plumbers, electricians, you name it, all get paid a lot of money by the hour.

But good professional advice when needed is worth its weight in gold. 

And don't forget, you're not paying for "the hour."

You're paying for all the years of real-life experience that the 1 hour gets you.

3 Steps to Profit translates my 20+ years of experience trading with and against the biggest Hedge Fund Managers in the world. 

It gives you the answers needed to gain an advantage that you can't get anywhere else.

Yes, 3 Steps to Profit is worth much more than $5,000. That's why my offer is UNBEATABLE!

Pricing Plan

$397.00 one-time

Lifetime Membership

  • The Best Options Education
  • Includes 1M of Winning Picks
  • 1-on-1 Coaching Offer (Limited)


Annual Membership

WP Premium logo

$166.42 per month

Billed Annually

  • 2-4 Trading Ideas Per Week
  • Includes 3 Steps to Profit
  •  Satisfaction Guarantee


Annual Satisfaction Guarantee

Annual Member Guarantees

Satisfaction Guarantee

I am so confident in my ability to help you achieve your long term goals that I am willing to make you an incredible Guarantee. For Annual Members Only, I guarantee delivering you 50 trades that reach triple-digit positive returns (greater or equal to 100%) from my published price limit over the course of your 1 year membership. That averages to almost 1 per week. If I don't reach that limit then you can simply email me and I'll give you the next year for free. It's that simple!

Low Price Guarantee

Low Price Guarantee: When you become an annual member, we'll lock in your non-discounted rate by enrolling you in our automatic renewal program. At the end of your initial subscription period, and each year thereafter, we will automatically charge your credit card the rate of $1,997. But don't worry: This auto-renew feature does not obligate you in any way. You may opt out of auto-renew at any time after this purchase, and the payments will stop forever. 

Don’t wait! Look at what past students have to say about this Course

So Demystifying

The information is so demystifying, I have learned so much! You did such a great job teaching from theory to practice.

Oladele A.

OptionsGeek Member

Actionable Education

I made some money with your education from watching the videos. This is actionable education. Many Thanks!

Blessing A.

OptionsGeek Member

Easily the Best

I've seen, watched, and read a lot over the years. This is easily the best (education) I've come across for options.

Michael L.

Trading Coach


Frequently Asked Questions 

How Much Money Do You Need To Trade Options?

After buying 3 Steps to Profit, will I see results immediately?

How many hours of videos and content are there to absorb?

I like to sell Options. Is this product worth it for me to buy?

Does the strategy use spreads like Iron Condors or Calendars?

As a beginner, will I be able to trade after completing the course?