Unusual Options Activity in MARA, F stock and PFE

November 2, 2021

CAR Chart - Options Activity 110221

What was that????

That is CAR stock going from $175 to $540 this morning.


“CAR broke out today,” is not the answer.

Neither is…

“CAR had good earnings.”

That chart is someone, or group of investors, getting caught short the stock and getting carried out by a broker.

The broker will pay any price to get said Hedge Fund out.

Fundamentals and Charts don’t matter in these situations.

“Save your a$$” mentality does.

The real question is who got carried out?

Maybe it was Melvin Capital again?

Look at some of their holdings today. A few stand out like TXRH, ATVI, FISV, and EXPE. They were getting hit hard with reckless abandon.

Melvin Capital as a casualty of war is only a guess. We’ll likely soon find out.


1. Is the MARA Breakout Real?

2. Big Run in Ford, Now What?

3. Are Vaccines Here to Stay or Not?

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Is the MARA Breakout Real?

Unusual Options Activity MARA 110221

Bitcoin hovering near the highs turns the focus to crypto-related stocks going into earnings.

MARA fits the bill.

And the chart looks explosive.

What Does the MARA Stock Chart Say?

MARA Chart - Options Activity 110221

After a big move in the first quarter, MARA stock dropped with Bitcoin.

As Bitcoin made its latest move back to the highs, MARA followed. But as you can see it is now trading at the all-time high, while Bitcoin is not.

The stock is clearly breaking out here. The question is will it hold.

The Bulls are screaming “Yes!”

But the bears are pointing to a lack of huge volume. And they probably get aggressive if MARA trades sub-$57.50.

Options Activity in MARA Stock

Unusual Options Activity Scanner MARA 110221

On the breakout, call options flow is outpacing the Puts 5 to 1. Implied volatilities are up indicating demand for options.

There is almost 100,000 weekly options trading. The MARA November 5th $60 Calls have attracted the most buyers.

However, there is plenty of upside being purchased in the next few weeks and going all the way out to January expiration.

Earnings are due out in mid-November.

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Big Run in Ford, Now What?

The stock is on a run of a lifetime here. Their earnings report last week was great. And forget momentum for a second, F also has a dividend.

F is at the top of Goldman’s Dividend Growth Basket as it expects to grow its dividend by 100% into 2023.

Goldman Sachs Dividend Chart

Attracting dividend holders and momentum players is always a good combination.

What Does the F Stock Chart Say?

F Chart - Options Activity 110221

This chart looks very strong.

The breakout through $16.50 came with significant volume. As a bull, you want to see that.

Stocks do ebb and flow, though.

And while F stock is above the 50 and 200dma, the distance between the current stock price and the 50dma is quite high.

A pullback to $16.50 wouldn’t be out of the question here.

It appears someone is setting up for such a move.

Options Activity in F Stock

Unusual Options Activity Scanner F 110221

F stock continues to see call buying. However, the outlier is the F December 17th $17 Puts which have been bought this morning. It also seems like there is some selling of the $20 and $21 Calls.

With the stock coming off the $18.20 level twice this morning, it might be a near-term signal that the stock is a little tired up here.

That said, any pullback near $16.50 will likely be bought.

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Are Vaccines Here to Stay or Not?

Unusual Options Activity PFE 110221

It’s interesting that with so much noise about vaccines and adding more to the list of people who should get vaccinated, Wall Street is not respecting the vaccine revenue growth companies are reporting.

This indicates that investors don’t believe this growth can continue, which is at odds with what we are hearing about government policy.

PFE earnings today were very strong, obviously dominated by the vaccine revenues.

“Pfizer on Tuesday raised the full-year sales forecast for its Covid-19 vaccine by 7.5% to $36 billion, as it signs deals with countries for booster doses and receives clearances for using its shots in children… The vaccine brought in sales of $13 billion in the third quarter. Analysts had expected $10.88 billion on average.”

Take a look at the chart.

What Does the PFE Stock Chart Say?

PFE Chart - Options Activity 110221

PFE stock is up today and has recaptured that 50dma.

The $41-$42 seems to be the range where there is value.

And while other companies are having their own issues, PFE has momentum with regulatory approval for kids seemingly a lock and major deals signed with other countries.

I think it’s hard to be bearish on PFE here with the numbers they are producing.

Options Activity in PFE Stock

Unusual Options Activity Scanner PFE 110221

After earnings, IV Crush has hit the options. It’s expected. In addition, there is a lot of upside Call volume that is coming for sale. The PFE December 17th $49 and $50 Calls are a prime example.

Big institutions sitting on the stock will take the dividend in 2 days and the 1% premiums in those options over 6 weeks. Not terrible.

I like PFE at these levels. They are printing money, but the only question is for how long?

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