Felix Frey Explaining Options

What is OptionsGeek?

OptionsGeek has paved your road to profitability that starts with Education. Not the stuff everyone else is peddling. I am a true expert in this field that has developed NEW Options Education unlike anything you have seen. It's engaging, fun, and teaches you how trade options like the Top 1% in the world. Only then can you start to profit like one!


Three Parts

OptionsGeek is a translation of my 20+ year career on Wall Street. It identifies, defines, and teaches the average investor how to gain an advantage (“Edge”) by using Options just like the Top 1% of investors.

I divided OptionsGeek into 3 parts:

  1. New Options Education
  2. A New Options Chain
  3. Trading Ideas: 3-5 each week

Let’s walk through each in greater detail.

OptionsGeek Products

1.  New Options Education

The Options Education is unlike anything you have seen. It includes:

  • Live Seminars
  • 50+ Professionally done videos
  • Transcripts for those that learn better this way
  • NEW easy to understand concepts
  • 150 Questions & Answers Workbook

You will learn how the best investors in the world use options by focusing on risk reward, probabilities, confidence, and risk management. Whether you buy or sell options, these new concepts are critical to any investor looking to profit. 

The most incredible part about my education is the conscious decision to move the conversation away from the traditional concepts taught by the available education – The Greeks and Implied Volatility. It’s these complex concepts that are confusing investors. In fact, my book, “The Options Answer,” steers you away from this black hole and toward a clear path to profitability. It’s a must read!

2. A New Options Chain 

The Options Education and the New Options Chain go hand in hand. 
Once you learn the new easy to understand concepts, you’ll need a machine to do all the calculations for you. I built that machine.

New Options Chain

The New Options Chain takes your expectations:

  • Target Stock Price
  • Time
  • Confidence

And compares it to what the market is expecting. Remember, the definition of “opportunity” is when your expectations differ from the market’s expectations. This New Options Chain is the only tool on the market that makes it clear whether or not you have an opportunity and how to maximize your returns on that opportunity.

The New Options Chain is a game changer. It was built to think about options just like a top Hedge Fund Manager. It takes out all the guesswork and all the analysis. Once you understand the concepts I teach, you will understand how to finally shift the Odds in YOUR favor!

>> Watch Video! "The New Options Chain: How to Use it"

3. Trading Ideas: 3-5 each week

This is the part of the service where you get my trading ideas, or “signals.” These ideas will come to you in PDF form via email 3 to 5 times per week.  Keep in mind that the value is not just the idea. A significant part of the value is how the idea is found, filtered, analyzed, and chosen to be worthy of an investment.

That said, the ideas are simple. They are either:

  • Buy Call, or
  • Buy Put

Each idea will include 1 to 3 pages of:

  • Options Analysis
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Technical Analysis

Some other important characteristics of the ideas:

  • The average Expiration is 6-8 weeks.
  • The trades are not fast signals looking to profit over a few days.
  • Each Idea will contain the Stock symbol, the Expiration, the Strike Price, and the Option Price to pay.
  • I do not give an Exit level. 
  • I do teach a methodical approach to Exit that can easily be refined to match your own unique style, personality, and expectations. 

At the end of the week, I deliver a summary of ALL the trading ideas to-date. The Performance has been incredible. 99 of my first 160 trades have reach at least 100%, the 2 highest trades going up +3,000% (QCOM) and +1,900% (APC).

APC Options Trade
QCOM winning trade

In early March at the TraderExpo NY, I gave my first public presentation where I unveiled the strategy I use and its methodology. The returns for each month after that show were eye-popping: 

Monthly Returns Graph

What OptionsGeek Members are Saying

While I have hundreds, here are just two testimonials to help you better understand what members are saying. One is a seasoned trader, the other is early in her learning process. 

High Quality Trade Ideas Thanks To Felix's Unique Tool!

I have been trading options for more than 20 years and during that time have found very few individuals or services worth paying attention to. OptionsGeek is clearly an exception. Felix is a great teacher, presenting key concepts in a very clear and comprehensive manner and delivering a coherent and focused trading system. For me the emphasis is exactly where it should be, on probability/risk-reward allied with risk management. In addition to the training, a unique tool is provided together with a constant stream of high quality trade ideas, allowing the individual trader to operate within their own risk parameters. Felix has the best possible credentials for operating this excellent service and I look forward to benefiting from his guidance in the years to come.

John E.

Felix Is A Fantastic Teacher!

MY GOODNESS!! OPTIONSGEEK’S education was a real eye opener for me. I gained very valuable insights in option trading given by Felix. Through his education I became aware of the obvious gaps in my understanding and also importantly how to get a mathematical edge in option trading. I would highly recommend OptionsGeek to anyone being serious about improving their skills, expanding their knowledge and gaining a different perspective. Felix is a fantastic teacher and you can mail and ask him questions without any problems. The education is clear and well laid-out with plenty of questions to ensure you have digested the matter. Plus you also receive trade ideas which helps to improve your understanding of options (I am still learning!) Do yourself a favour and join.

Johanna T.

About the Author Felix Frey

As a Wall Street Veteran, Options Expert, and founder of OptionsGeek, Felix has found a way to simplify options. He's on a mission to close the knowledge gap between the Top 1% and everyone else.