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Upgrade Your Experience!

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By Felix Frey

How to Develop Options Trading Ideas Making Consistent 150-400% Returns

How to Develop Options Trading Ideas

Making Consistent

150-400% Returns

  • See the Analysis Done on 148 Trading Ideas that Consistently Reached Triple-Digit Returns.
  • Learn a 7-Step Process on How to Construct a Great Risk-Reward Trading Idea Using Options.
  • Get 16 Questions You Should Start with in Your Pursuit of the Right Trading Idea. 
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12 Month Results

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148 Options Trading Ideas


  • Options Analysis
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Technical Analysis

What should you be looking for?

What questions should you ask?

Where do you find the answers?

How do you piece it all together?




An Incredible 2-Part Live Seminar

"This is an incredible, almost 3 hour, Live Seminar that is a Must watch for ANYONE even remotely interested in options. As a beginner, this seminar makes everything options-related so much easier to digest in the future. As an intermediate, you’ll quickly realize what you don’t understand and be thrilled that the dots are connecting. Unfortunately, you'll also realize how much time was wasted looking for answers that were never made available to you in the first place. And if you’re an expert, I assure you that you’ll learn something new because what I've discovered and the way I explain it is unlike anything you have ever seen." 

- Felix Frey

Part 1: 

Trade Options Like the Top 1%

Part 1:  Trade Options Like the Top 1%

Before leading the audience on the right path to success and teaching them how the Top 1% trade options, Felix wipes clean any preconceptions they have about the product. He goes on to clearly explain why Options Education is fundamentally flawed and the root cause of massive confusion amongst investors. Felix starts the rebuilding process with easy to understand games to highlight familiar concepts. When the audience is ready, he masterfully transitions those concepts into an introductory options lesson. As their confidence grows, Felix tackles one of the hardest questions in options that the industry fails to address. With a stunningly simple answer known only to the Top 1% of investors, he finally shows the audience what it means to “shift the odds in their favor,” and then how to do it just like the Top 1%. Felix’s presentation is stimulating and engaging at an easy-to-understand pace, that delivers a must-watch, incredible and exciting experience. You don't want to miss it.

Part 2: 

 $2k to $20k in 8 Weeks

Part 2:  $2k to $20k in 8 Weeks

With a strong foundation and a renewed confidence, the audience is challenged to take the next step and translate the education from theory to practice. Felix pushes the audience outside their comfort zone to start thinking like a Top 1% investor. He shows the audience how basic technical analysis can be a powerful ally to a simple options strategy. Using real examples, Felix again shows how incredibly simple, yet powerful it can be to use options. But it doesn’t come without risk. And this is where Felix’s presentation excels. Over the remaining time, Felix explains in detail how risk management should become the focal point of any investor looking at options. He shows exactly how one might take $2,000 and turn it into $20,000, if they also want to take the risk. Felix leaves you fully understanding how to clearly see the risk-reward opportunities you face in order to risk manage the process in a way that fits your personality and your goals. Part 2 is so powerful, it may be the most important hour of your investing career.