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Winning Picks May Results

March saw tremendous returns to start. April gave everyone a huge positive surprise.  By May, I imagined OptionsGeek members dancing in the Streets. This is how we made 46.2% returns for the month.


A Tale of Two Halves in May

We took 13 trades in May. 6 were winners. 5 losers. 2 started off promising only to end at 0%. There were a few key winners at the start of the month before things got choppy. I'll explain what I mean later.

First, take a look at the bar diagram I created to illustrate each trade during the month of May. They are in the order we put them on. 

When reading this chart, the light grey bar is the range of the option during the life of the contract. The red and green bars are the average gain or loss by OptionsGeek members. What should be clear is that we aren't waiting around for the Options to expire worthless and we aren't catching the highs. We play for the middle. As a member you will learn exactly how to do just that.  

May Monthly Returns

Digging in the May Details

Let's dig in to the details. Again, they are in the order you see above. So, the trade on the far left is Z, and so on so forth. You'll see that the 5th trade, our biggest winner for the month is PGR. 

May Options Data

As you can see 8 out of 13 hit 100% or higher. That's pretty damn good. But if you look closely, many of them reversed over time, like Z, DVA, KTOS, and AMRN. This month gave our members important lessons. Bulls and Bears make money, pigs get slaughtered.  With a strong emphasis on the trading plan, OptionsGeek members witnessed firsthand how important taking profits are in options.

Here was our big winner for the month, PGR. 

WP PGR stock chart
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