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Winning Picks November Results

November was a tricky month. Less winning but with the power of leverage and finding a few nuggets, the results were ok. Here's what I consider a frustrating and challenging month that helps us appreciate our plan.


Happy to Breakeven

In this game, you are happy to break even when it's a challenging month. We did a little better.

November was challenging and very frustrating. Not because we lost on a bunch of trades, that's going to happen. It's how we lost on the trades we placed. As you can see from the bar chart below, most trades never even gave us a shot, meaning there was no lift. Dead on arrival.

We took only 11 trades in August and had 8 losers with only 3 winners. Taking profits in the last winner, BBBY, saved us. That option ended up at $0. AIMT was the easy one this month, but we'll get to AIMT in a moment.

WP November Bar Results

AIMT and NKE Made November

Below you'll notice that there are still 3 open positions. This simply means they have not expired. I can show you them because they have already been stopped out (I hope for everyone). Again, this is how the game is played - manage your losers, and extract profits from your winners at different marks. That's what you'll learn in my education, 3 Steps to Profit.

Our 3 winners, NKE, AIMT, BBBY performed well and pulled us through. The Big winner this month goes to AIMT: 

WP November Data

Now, remember I told you AIMT was easy. Take a look below. Members were able to immediately enter the trade at better prices than what you see above, and then watched it go up almost every day until it hit +300%. Most Members took profits before things got a little choppy, but if you had the stomach, some members made more.

WP AIMT Stock Chart

Start Trading Smarter

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