Learn How to Find the Best Trading Ideas Using Simple Tools and Great Education.

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What is the Podcast about?

  • Using the strong educational foundation received in 3 Steps to Profit, The WINNING PICK$ Podcast helps investors uncover the best trading ideas in the market every single day. It does this with a unique approach using OptionsGeek's simple yet powerful tools. Ultimately, The WINNING PICK$ Podcast  looks to harness the power of a community to offer a complete, engaging, and rewarding experience.

Who is it for?

  • WINNING PICK$ is for ANY investor looking to gain an advantage in the stock market with a Process that uncovers great risk-reward opportunities targeting 150-400% returns. It’s also for those investors interested in learning about early market trends, risk-reward analysis, options analysis, and chart reading.

Why should you watch it?

  • If you're at all curious about the stock market and how the Top 1% of investors trade options, then this is an incredible experience. It’s Educational, Practical, & gives you Access to a discussion on today’s great money-making Opportunities.

    Not only will you learn how to find these opportunities, you’ll also learn how to shift the odds in your favor.

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What You Should Know...

  • You don’t need to know much to get started.  Do you know what a Call Option is?  How about a Put Option?  If you do, then you're all set. If you don’t, here's a quick way to get started with a greater primer on Calls and Puts.

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10 Core Beliefs

As we look for the Best Trading Ideas in the market, we must stay true

to our 10 Core Beliefs. They are: 

The Top 1% have greater resources (time, $, people) to make better decisions.

The Top 1% use options to manage their risk-reward and shift the odds in their favor.

The Top 1% buy Puts or Calls to express their view most of the time.

The Top 1% understand when there is an opportunity to buy options.

The Top 1% understand how to choose the right  strike price.

The Top 1% use options to target 150% to 400% returns on every trade.

The Top 1% focus on an event that will move the stock.

We use Options with a PROCESS to play a probability game.

We target a 30-40% win ratio and greater than 150% returns on each winning trade.

We have a PLAN to manage our losses and dictate our strategy.

What is the Process?

  • The WINNING PICK$ Process begins with Unusual Options Activity and then combines:

    1. Options Analysis;
    2. Technical Analysis; and,
    3. Good ol' Fashion Detective Work.

    Each plays an integral part of the "story" that unfolds. And to simplify the process, Felix built easy to use tools that finally allows all investors to uncover the Best Trading Ideas in the market.

What is the Plan?

  • The Plan provides the guidelines you’ll follow to extract profits from the Process. It highlights your approach on:

    a. The $ Amount of Capital per Trade.
    b. The Entry on each trade.
    c. The way you’ll Exit each trade when losing.
    d. The way you’ll Exit each trade when winning.

And to Enhance Your Experience...

"I went public with the Winning Picks product in March 2019 at the New York Trader Expo. 148 trading ideas later we completed an incredible first year that I have documented in this book. Not only will I walk you through the Winning Picks process and plan in detail, I'm offering the analysis and logic behind each trade. While there were many losing trades, it's the nuances behind the logic that offers a keen insight into the world of risk-reward. 300 pages of packed information that's easy to read and invaluable for any investor looking to gain an advantage."

- Felix Frey

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These are not the actual results of any single member. They are based on equal dollar investments in every trade, general exit rules that include 50% stop-losses when possible, and an exit strategy that scales out of the trade at predetermined higher prices. This is a proprietary methodology that is outlined as part of the “Options Plan” education included in the Winning Picks ebook and the 2-Part Live Seminar. Past results are not indicative of future performance. 

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