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Winning Picks Results

Winning Picks offers 2-4 great risk-reward trading ideas each week. It employs a simple but effective strategy inside a framework that leverages my experience and uses a mathematical process. Winning Picks was built specifically for investors or professionals to make money using options and, maybe more importantly, to save them precious time in the process. Below are the Winning Picks Results experienced by OptionsGeek members:


Winning Picks Results

Total ROIs are calculated after all trades in the month are complete. Click on any of the months to see the details of the trades:

(some results may change as there are still a few open positions)

If you want more information on the strategy and process behind these results, click here.

Some trades are still live and have been blurred out. They will not affect the results in a significantly negative way. However, they can positively affect the results if they make a material move in the desired direction.

Below is a chart showing the average results for our Members from the months of March to October using the % gain each month on the same starting $10,000 base (and not compounding the returns):

WP Mar to Nov Results

Note: These are not actual results by any one member. It is an illustration of a rolling $10,000 investment in each month, and not compounded returns. Trades are consistently rolling off, whether winners or loses, and then placed in new trades. Stop-losses of 50% and staggered positive exits are put in place by each individual at his own discretion. The Program offers several different possible strategies and teaches how to determine which levels best suits the individual. Ultimately, that decision is left to the Member. All past trades are documented and presented to all Members in the Members Area. Most trades are presented to Members prior to the market open to give each Member equal chance to execute from the same starting point. Results vary according to the members own plan relating to their entry and  exit strategy. Past results are not indicative of future performance.

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If you are looking to trade smarter, improve your options trading results, or simply save precious time finding great risk reward trades, then you've landed at the right place.

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