Learning How to Profit is Exciting!

I am humbled and honored to hear what the OptionsGeek community has to say.

Your positive energy drives me forward each day. Thanks!

So demystifying!

The information you have given is so demystifying, I have learned so much! You did such a great job teaching from theory to practice.

Oladele A.

100% Profit On Felix's First Trade Idea!

It was nice meeting you at the NY Expo. Your presentation was great. I joined Options Geek shortly after the NY Expo. Since joining I have only great things to say. First of all, you followed through on all the information you talked about. The education is second to none. The trade ideas have been great. I made over a 100% profit on the SNAP trade. I’m up on several others too!!! I really appreciate the quick response when I have questions. Keep sending those great trade ideas. I want to keep trading smart!!!

Dwight R.

Amazing Job Explaining Complex Concepts!

Thank you for an amazing trip through options land. I’ve done courses with the standard profit profile charts etc. but nothing even comes close to explaining the inner workings and probability game the way you have it laid out. Even though the universe is large, you managed to put it into bite size chunks with analogies that work. Awesome.

Robert M.

Felix Is A Fantastic Teacher!

MY GOODNESS!! OPTIONSGEEK’S education was a real eye opener for me. I gained very valuable insights in option trading given by Felix. Through his education I became aware of the obvious gaps in my understanding and also importantly how to get a mathematical edge in option trading. I would highly recommend OptionsGeek to anyone being serious about improving their skills, expanding their knowledge and gaining a different perspective. Felix is a fantastic teacher and you can mail and ask him questions without any problems. The education is clear and well laid-out with plenty of questions to ensure you have digested the matter. Plus you also receive trade ideas which helps to improve your understanding of options (I am still learning!) Do yourself a favour and join.

Johanna T.


After reading these Testimonials and feeling the positive energy from our Members, I want you to see what they are so excited about. Testimonials are just a product of our RESULTS!

Easiest Way To Understand Options!

By far the best and easiest way to understand options.

Srikanth S.

High Quality Trade Ideas Thanks To Felix's Unique Tool!

I have been trading options for more than 20 years and during that time have found very few individuals or services worth paying attention to. OptionsGeek is clearly an exception. Felix is a great teacher, presenting key concepts in a very clear and comprehensive manner and delivering a coherent and focused trading system. For me the emphasis is exactly where it should be, on probability/risk-reward allied with risk management. In addition to the training, a unique tool is provided together with a constant stream of high quality trade ideas, allowing the individual trader to operate within their own risk parameters. Felix has the best possible credentials for operating this excellent service and I look forward to benefiting from his guidance in the years to come.

John E.

The Only Options Course You Need!

Love your educational program. It’s hands down second to none the best options course out there. I truly believe this is the only options course you need to take and would highly recommend to all my family and friends.

Steve H.


From my POV, your manner of explaining where cost, value and opportunity collide in options pricing is phenomenally understandable and spot on. That’s compared to what I’ve seen with classes for an MBA, as a summer intern at a top NYC Investment Bank, from dozens of books on options, YouTubes, webinars, even prep materials I used for a Series3. Thank you for your explanation of how you mathematically calculate ‘edge’. It makes a ton of sense. Most of the experts I’ve found on the web don’t explain the math of finding an edge as well as your materials.

Doug B.


After reading these Testimonials and feeling the positive energy from our Members, I want you to see what they are so excited about. Testimonials are just a product of our RESULTS!

Easily the best!

I've seen, watched, and read a lot over the years. This is easily the best I've come across for options.

Michael L.


I'm loving the videos (you are an excellent teacher), and so far your picks are blowing mine out of the water. 🙂

Josh I.

Amazing trade!

Thank you for such an amazing trade on AMTD!

Rose F.

Felix just made me $5K in 5 days!

OMG Felix just made me $5K in 5 days, with a ten bagger on an OTM options call!!! Well, that pays for my subscription for a long, long ,long time. And that’s not the only trade that has exploded to the upside. Sure he has the some losers , but as far as I’m concerned, he is either magic, psychic, or insider trading… (Ha ha, not really….) But he does seem to pick up on subtle clues from the far and wide corners of the market— unusual activity, strange chart patterns, trends that other people haven’t spotted yet.

Kathy C.

Best Options Course Explanation!

I’m following your options course. It’s very good, best explanation I’ve seen so far. Thanks for putting this together.

Javier S.


After reading these Testimonials and feeling the positive energy from our Members, I want you to see what they are so excited about. Testimonials are just a product of our RESULTS!

Felix's Wealth of Knowledge and Expertise is Motivating!

Felix instantly exudes sincerity and effortlessly conveys a helpful nature. Going into a seminar that tackles the nuances of financial literacy one might expect, that an ambitious premise, such as “$2,000 to $20,000 in 8 weeks,” might be followed by a circular fallacy intended to confuse and entice it’s audience to look for clarification offered only in the purchase a subsequent trading course or product. However, that is quite the contrary! Felix’s distills his, obvious, wealth of knowledge and expertise into a succinct and applicable presentation. He begins with an articulate lesson on stocks and options and follows up with a reasonable trading plan and practical steps for success. After consuming all the lessons offered in Felix Frey’s Option Trading Seminar this attendee left inspired to take on a new path for financial autonomy. If you have any appetite for learning about investing you will find this seminar both motivating and impelling.

Jeff S.

Actionable Education I Made Money With!

I made some money with your education from watching the videos. Keep watching them over and discovering new pieces of knowledge that were missed on first viewing. This is actionable education. Many Thanks!

Blessing A.

This Is A Powerful Profitable Trading System!

Kudos to the OptionsGeek for making options clear and understandable! All the mystery surrounding which options to trade is thoroughly debunked, and traders are shown how to how to profit over time using mathematical edge. OptionsGeek provides a powerful proprietary tool — The New Options Chain — which contains important metrics like the Risk Reward Breakeven Price and the Options Margin of Safety that are available nowhere else. Somehow, the OptionsGeek has managed to follow that famous phrase: “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” (Einstein). This is what OptionsGeek provides. A simple yet incisive system of profitable trading by leveraging the power of options and managing risk and reward. It’s dynamic and very exciting!

Kenneth P.


After reading these Testimonials and feeling the positive energy from our Members, I want you to see what they are so excited about. Testimonials are just a product of our RESULTS!


In mid-2019, I began trading options on my own after doing some options education. About 2 months later, I came upon OptionsGeek based on a referral by an old high school friend who now runs a hedge fund. After joining OptionsGeek, I went thru many of the online courses delivered by Felix. The quality of the courses and content is simply excellent. The material is perfectly dissected and is easy to understand because it is so well presented. But, the best part about OptionsGeek is actually Felix himself. He’s responsive and supportive and has impressed me as someone worthy of my trust.

Steven M.

Increased Initial Capital By 32% In Less Than 2 Weeks!

Thanks to your trade ideas and free trial I have increased my initial capital by 32%.

Luigi X.

Boom!!! (AMTD PUTS)

Boom!!! Great deal, Felix!

Fabio S

Qne of the best value investments!

Let me first say that your service is one of the best value investments I have ever made. I am a few years away from retiring and Option Trading is one of the tools/ hobbies I want to have to earn extra income. It's not just the recommendations, it's the personal touch, service and education that you put into it that I really admire and like about the service. I have to say that I am now just really using your education tools to become more understanding and proficient at Options Trading. The training/ education is building my confidence and knowledge more each day. So, THANK YOU!

Stephen A.

I really loved it!

Hi Felix, I finished the whole course and really loved it. I learned new material and information about options and trading.

Eran R

$7,000 profit on a $1,200 investment, in one week!

I have spent the last several years researching and trying different options strategies. I've digested hundreds of hours of online content, spent a bunch of money on options education, and was sure that "selling premium" was the way to use options. However, every time I would start to get ahead in my account, I would have a trade that would come along and wipe out months of profits. I thought the problem was in how I was managing the trades, but now I can see that it isn't really that smart to risk $500 to make $25 unless the odds are extremely in my favor. After I listened to your presentation, I was intrigued. You seemed like a down-to-earth guy that wasn't full of hype, but I was getting a little tired of trying different systems only to be disappointed. Thanks to your encouragement, I took a small position in the LEG trade you talked about. I averaged in as you suggested and took profits as it moved, ending up with a 70% profit. That one trade netted me enough to pay for six months of your service. This was less than a week ago. Since then, I was able to use the option chain at Optionsgeek.com on another idea that I had been researching. It gave me the confidence to make these trades: Over $7,000 profit on a $1,200 investment, in one week! I know they all won't be like that, but I am confident that with patience in waiting for the right setup, systematically averaging in/out, and smart management of the losers, I can start to build some momentum. I don't want to be overly dramatic, as this is only money, but you have given me more financial hope than I've had in some time.

Lem G.